You can buy a real-life Zelda: Breath of the Wild Spirit Orb and they're so darn pretty


In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Backlink has to show his wits and strength to gain Spirit Orbs from historical shrines. In actual lifestyle, you can just order them off of Etsy for $60 or about £48 (with out shipping and delivery). CuteMonsterProps shared the clever creation on Reddit and instantaneously captured equally my internal Zelda enthusiast and lover of shiny spherical factors.

These Spirit Orbs are about 2 three/four” in diameter and are designed from glass balls with a flat base. So no, they are not an precise duplicate of the about dodgeball-sized factors that desiccated corpses regularly shoot into Link’s upper body. But at minimum this way it won’t roll all-around although you might be trying to acquire shots. CuteMonsterProps utilizes laser etching to make the 3D design in the centre of the orb then exclusive glass-tinting spray paint to give it that lovely purple color.

Here’s a photo of the 3D design lit up from underneath with the optional LED stand.

The Spirit Orbs are presently up for pre-order and even while I unquestionably will not need to have a single (how could you maybe need to have a single) I am strongly thinking of it. Like I reported, I have a weakness for shiny spherical factors.

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