What to do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly


The adhering to guideline delivers you with directions on how to restore Gmail electronic mail attachments that are not correctly downloaded to your units.

Mike, the Linux man right here on Ghacks, sends his content to my Gmail account. I retrieve these email messages making use of the Thunderbird electronic mail shopper, and that operates very well ordinarily.

A short while ago even though I recognized that some of the data files connected to his email messages, photos especially, had been not downloaded correctly any more.

The lower file measurement of 47 Kilobytes or significantly less was a lifeless giveaway, as Mike’s fullscreen desktop photos had a measurement of much more than one Megabyte ordinarily.

When I opened the image attachments, all I got was some content material at the extremely major, and a blank, seemingly corrupt place beneath that. It looked slice off now, and it was obvious that the attachment was not downloaded correctly to the machine.

Emails get the adhering to way if you download them making use of a 3rd-party system on a machine you use:

  1. The sender sends the electronic mail with the attachments making use of a mail provider, e.g. Gmail.
  2. The recipients mail provider, Gmail or a further, picks the electronic mail up, and provides it to the recipients account.
  3. Thunderbird, or a further 3rd-party system, runs checks for new email messages, and downloads it and its attachments to the regional machine.

Matters can go mistaken when the electronic mail is downloaded on your machine. The very best way of locating out no matter if this is certainly the circumstance, is to go to the Gmail web-site to locate out if the file attachments are corrupt there as well, or if they are not.

So, basically open up Gmail in your web browser of alternative, sign in to your Google account if you are not signed in now, and either browse the record of email messages, or use the look for to locate the certain electronic mail you are on the lookout for.

gmail-check-attachments What to do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly

Gmail shows all image attachments, and some other formats these kinds of as documents, as inline previews.  This enables you to rapidly evaluate no matter if a file attachment is corrupt or not.

As you can see on the screenshot previously mentioned, only 1 of the a few image attachments was certainly corrupt, when the two other ones confirmed up just good on Google’s servers.

You can then use the download button to download the doing the job attachments to your procedure. They are not joined when you open up the electronic mail concept in the system you are making use of, but it is improved than absolutely nothing.

Some electronic mail shoppers may make it possible for you to retrieve email messages again, but Thunderbird does not aid the element it seems.

What if the electronic mail attachments are corrupt on Gmail as well?

There is only 1 issue that you can do if file attachments on Gmail are corrupt as well: notify the sender about this, so that the attachments are sent again.

A single issue that you can do if this takes place frequently is to use Google Drive alternatively for storing the attachments.

This has the effect that the data files are not connected to the electronic mail which in switch implies that corruption can’t arise any more. You may insert inbound links to these email messages that stage to the data files on Google Drive, so that the recipient can download them right away.

insert-files-using-google-drive What to do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly

This is done in the adhering to way on Gmail:

  1. Pick the compose button to compose a new electronic mail, or reply to an electronic mail you gained beforehand.
  2. Track down the “insert data files making use of Drive” button in the compose window and activate it.
  3. This opens a new window that you may use to upload data files to Drive, and to pick out data files on Drive for inclusion in the electronic mail.
  4. Drive supports adding the data files as Drive inbound links, or as attachments to the electronic mail you are composing. The Drive backlink choice is chosen by default.
  5. You should notice that this adjustments the visibility of the push file. Any one with the backlink may watch the file. It is proposed that you insert added forms of safety, e.g. by making use of encryption and not such as the password in the electronic mail, to insert improved safety to the file.

add-google-drive-file-link-gmail What to do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly

The electronic mail involves inbound links that stage to every single file connected to it on Google Drive. A Google account is not expected to watch the data files.

google-drive-attachment What to do if Gmail attachments are not downloaded correctly

Now You: Do you encounter corrupt electronic mail attachments regularly?

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