Western Digital Stuns Storage Market with MAMR Breakthrough for Following-Gen HDDs


Yesterday, Western Digital declared a breakthrough in microwave-assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) that totally took the storage industry by surprise. The takeaway was that Western Digital would be applying MAMR instead of HAMR for driving up tricky travel capacities about the next decade. Prior to heading into the particulars, it is useful to have some history on the commitment at the rear of MAMR.

​Hard drives may be on the way out for consumer computing techniques, but, they will go on to be the storage media of alternative for datacenters. The Storage Networking Market Affiliation has the finest assets for figuring out developments in the tricky travel industry. As just lately as final calendar year, warmth-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) was anticipated to be the technological innovation update dependable for growing tricky travel capacities.

Slide Courtesy: Dr.Ed Grochowski’s SNIA 2016 Storage Developer Convention Presentation 
‘The Magnetic Hard Disk Push: Today’s Technical Position and Its Future’ (Video clip, PDF)

Mechnanical Hard Drives are Here to Continue to be

1 of the popular misconceptions among viewers concentrated on buyer technological innovation relates to flash / SSDs rendering HDDs obsolete. Though applying SSDs about HDDs is absolutely correct in the consumer computing ecosystem, it is various for bulk storage. Bulk storage in the data center, as perfectly as the buyer marketplace, will go on to depend on mechanical tricky drives for the foreseeable long run.

The main rationale lies in the ‘Cost for every GB’ metric.

Property people are at this time seeking at drives to hold ten TB+ of data, when datacenters are seeking to enhance their ‘Total Price tag of Ownership’ (TCO) by cramming as quite a few petabytes as feasible in a one rack. This is significantly prevalant for chilly storage and archival functions, but can also grow to content delivery networks. Western Digital had a pair of slides in their start presentation yesterday that place in direction of tricky drives continuing to take pleasure in this edge, thanks to MAMR being cost-effective.

02_-_flash-hdd-cpgb_575px Western Digital Stuns Storage Market with MAMR Breakthrough for Following-Gen HDDs

Irrespective of new HDD technological innovation, advancements in sound condition memory technological innovation are functioning at a a lot quicker rate. As a consequence SSD technological innovation and NAND Flash have ensured that functionality company HDDs will make up only a pretty minimal part of the total storage potential every single calendar year in the company section.

03_-_ssd-hdd-dc_575px Western Digital Stuns Storage Market with MAMR Breakthrough for Following-Gen HDDs

The projections introduced by any vendor’s inner investigate group normally require to be taken with a grain of salt, but given that SanDisk is now a part of Western Digital the higher than marketplace share numbers for various storage sorts seem to be fully plausible.

In the next area, we just take a appear at advancements in tricky travel technological innovation about the final pair of many years. This will supply additional technological context to the MAMR announcement from Western Digital.