Use Windows PowerShell to install optional features


Microsoft Home windows ships with a established of so-referred to as optional characteristics that people may empower or disable applying the “convert Home windows characteristics on or off” command panel applet.

This works perfectly for the most component, but needs that you open the Management Panel on the working procedure except you load the Options window straight by typing optionalfeatures in Start out.

Whilst that is enough most of the time, administrators may use PowerShell as perfectly to manage optional characteristics of the Home windows working procedure.

The next information provides you with an overview on how that works on Home windows ten. Notice that this may not get the job done on preceding variations of Home windows these types of as Home windows 7.

Home windows PowerShell: install optional characteristics

You require an elevated PowerShell for the next commands. Faucet on the Home windows-important, sort powershell, keep down the Ctrl-important and the Shift-important, and tap on the Enter-important to open a PowerShell prompt with administrative privileges.

Listing all optional characteristics and their position

The first detail you may want to do, at the very least when you are new to applying the command, is to display screen the checklist of characteristics that are out there.

Run get-windowsoptionalfeature -on line to checklist all out there function names and their states on the laptop procedure. The condition is either enabled or disabled.

Notice: the -on line parameter signifies that the steps are operate on the latest gadget.

Whilst it is uncomplicated adequate to discover some characteristics by the function title, it is not uncomplicated for all of them.

The next checklist is from a Home windows ten Professional variation 1703 Computer.

FeatureName : Microsoft-Home windows-HyperV-Visitor-Bundle
FeatureName : LegacyComponents
FeatureName : DirectPlay
FeatureName : SimpleTCP
FeatureName : SNMP
FeatureName : WMISnmpProvider
FeatureName : MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2Root
FeatureName : MicrosoftWindowsPowerShellV2
FeatureName : Home windows-Identity-Foundation
FeatureName : Microsoft-Home windows-Subsystem-Linux
FeatureName : NetFx3
FeatureName : IIS-WebServerRole
FeatureName : IIS-WebServer
FeatureName : IIS-CommonHttpFeatures
FeatureName : IIS-HttpErrors
FeatureName : IIS-HttpRedirect
FeatureName : IIS-ApplicationDevelopment
FeatureName : IIS-NetFxExtensibility
FeatureName : IIS-NetFxExtensibility45
FeatureName : IIS-HealthAndDiagnostics
FeatureName : IIS-HttpLogging
FeatureName : IIS-LoggingLibraries
FeatureName : IIS-RequestMonitor
FeatureName : IIS-HttpTracing
FeatureName : IIS-Protection
FeatureName : IIS-URLAuthorization
FeatureName : IIS-RequestFiltering
FeatureName : IIS-IPSecurity
FeatureName : IIS-Efficiency
FeatureName : IIS-HttpCompressionDynamic
FeatureName : IIS-WebServerManagementTools
FeatureName : IIS-ManagementScriptingTools
FeatureName : IIS-IIS6ManagementCompatibility
FeatureName : IIS-Metabase
FeatureName : WAS-WindowsActivationService
FeatureName : WAS-ProcessModel
FeatureName : WAS-NetFxEnvironment
FeatureName : WAS-ConfigurationAPI
FeatureName : IIS-HostableWebCore
FeatureName : WCF-HTTP-Activation
FeatureName : WCF-NonHTTP-Activation
FeatureName : WCF-Services45
FeatureName : WCF-HTTP-Activation45
FeatureName : WCF-TCP-Activation45
FeatureName : WCF-Pipe-Activation45
FeatureName : WCF-MSMQ-Activation45
FeatureName : WCF-TCP-PortSharing45
FeatureName : IIS-CertProvider
FeatureName : IIS-WindowsAuthentication
FeatureName : IIS-DigestAuthentication
FeatureName : IIS-ClientCertificateMappingAuthentication
FeatureName : IIS-IISCertificateMappingAuthentication
FeatureName : IIS-ODBCLogging
FeatureName : IIS-StaticContent
FeatureName : IIS-DefaultDocument
FeatureName : IIS-DirectoryBrowsing
FeatureName : IIS-WebDAV
FeatureName : IIS-WebSockets
FeatureName : IIS-ApplicationInit
FeatureName : IIS-ASPNET
FeatureName : IIS-ASPNET45
FeatureName : IIS-ASP
FeatureName : IIS-CGI
FeatureName : IIS-ISAPIExtensions
FeatureName : IIS-ISAPIFilter
FeatureName : IIS-ServerSideIncludes
FeatureName : IIS-CustomLogging
FeatureName : IIS-BasicAuthentication
FeatureName : IIS-HttpCompressionStatic
FeatureName : IIS-ManagementConsole
FeatureName : IIS-ManagementService
FeatureName : IIS-WMICompatibility
FeatureName : IIS-LegacyScripts
FeatureName : IIS-LegacySnapIn
FeatureName : IIS-FTPServer
FeatureName : IIS-FTPSvc
FeatureName : IIS-FTPExtensibility
FeatureName : MSMQ-Container
FeatureName : MSMQ-Server
FeatureName : MSMQ-Triggers
FeatureName : MSMQ-ADIntegration
FeatureName : MSMQ-HTTP
FeatureName : MSMQ-Multicast
FeatureName : MSMQ-DCOMProxy
FeatureName : NetFx4-AdvSrvs
FeatureName : NetFx4Extended-ASPNET45
FeatureName : MediaPlayback
FeatureName : WindowsMediaPlayer
FeatureName : Printing-PrintToPDFServices-Options
FeatureName : Printing-XPSServices-Options
FeatureName : RasRip
FeatureName : MSRDC-Infrastructure
FeatureName : SearchEngine-Client-Bundle
FeatureName : TelnetClient
FeatureName : TFTP
FeatureName : Xps-Foundation-Xps-Viewer
FeatureName : WorkFolders-Client
FeatureName : SMB1Protocol
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-All
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-Tools-All
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-Management-Clientele
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-Management-PowerShell
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-Hypervisor
FeatureName : Microsoft-Hyper-V-Expert services
FeatureName : Printing-Foundation-Options
FeatureName : Printing-Foundation-LPRPortMonitor
FeatureName : Printing-Foundation-LPDPrintService
FeatureName : Printing-Foundation-InternetPrinting-Client
FeatureName : FaxServicesClientPackage
FeatureName : ScanManagementConsole
FeatureName : DirectoryServices-ADAM-Client
FeatureName : ServicesForNFS-ClientOnly
FeatureName : ClientForNFS-Infrastructure
FeatureName : NFS-Administration
FeatureName : RasCMAK
FeatureName : SmbDirect
FeatureName : Containers
FeatureName : DataCenterBridging
FeatureName : TIFFIFilter
FeatureName : Client-DeviceLockdown
FeatureName : Client-EmbeddedShellLauncher
FeatureName : Client-EmbeddedBootExp
FeatureName : Client-EmbeddedLogon
FeatureName : Client-KeyboardFilter
FeatureName : Client-UnifiedWriteFilter
FeatureName : MultiPoint-Connector
FeatureName : MultiPoint-Connector-Expert services
FeatureName : MultiPoint-Tools
FeatureName : World wide web-Explorer-Optional-amd64

Exhibit information and facts about characteristics

powershell-display-information-about-features Use Windows PowerShell to install optional features

You may use the -featurename Case in point parameter to display screen detailed information and facts about a function that you are fascinated in.

The command get-windowsoptionalfeature -on line -featurename NetFx3 for instance reveals that this installs the .Internet Framework 3.5 on the procedure. There is also an World wide web url supplied that you may click on to glimpse up more information and facts on line.

Empower or disable an optional function

You may use PowerShell commands to empower or disable optional characteristics on a Home windows ten equipment.

The commands Empower-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName and Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName are made use of for that.

To give you two illustrations to display you how that works:

  • Empower-WindowsOptionalFeature -On the web -FeatureName “NetFx3” -All — This command installs the Internet Framework 3.5 on the laptop the command is operate on.
  • Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature -On the web -FeatureName “NetFx3” — This command disables the function once more.

The -All parameter tells Home windows to install any dependencies as perfectly. So, if a dad or mum function is demanded for the set up of the chosen function, it is set up as perfectly. Notice: Disable does not assistance the -All parameter.


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