uBO Scope: Measure your privacy exposure score on the Web


The new Firefox and Chrome extension uBO Scope observes targeted visitors to compute a privacy exposure rating.

The browser extension will work with any WebExtensions-based content blocker, or no blocker at all, and shows the rating when you are traveling to sites on the Net.

The major idea driving the extension is to measure your privacy exposure. The foundation premise is that any connection to a 3rd-party server will be applied. It may well be applied for features on a provided web site, to exhibit advertisement or other 3rd-party content, but also to track you. The latter is finished typically to produce profiles to make improvements to the lucrativeness of advertisement.

uBO Scope

The extension grabs the foundation area title for any 3rd-party connection a web site tends to make, even if it is disallowed. Pair consisting of the to start with-party area title and 3rd-party connections are saved in the extension’s databases to copute the overall exposure on the Net. The knowledge is saved regionally only.

The rating is based on the browsing history as perfectly as content blockers if they are applied. When the extension is taken care of by Raymond Hill, the maker of the well known content blocker uBlock Origin, it may well be applied with any WebExtensions-based content blocker.

uBO-Scope is effectively a software to measure what these benchmarks measured, apart from that uBO-Scope also measures ubiquitousness of 3rd get-togethers, and measure according to your have browsing history, so the final results are fully pertinent to you (as opposed to exterior benchmarks which rather in all probability do not match your have browsing history), and the objective is to increase recognition of your have amount of third-party exposure.

The extension shows a heatmap when you click on on the overall rating in the browser’s interface. Each and every square of the heatmap represents a 3rd-party connection with the most ubiquitous 3rd-party connection in the prime left cell of the heatmap.

The cells are color coded purple usually means the connection was allowed, grey that it was disallowed.

The interface lists two scores. The one on the proper is the genuine exposure rating if you would not have applied a content blocking extension, the one on the left the genuine rating that usually takes the content blocking into account.

ubo-scope-score uBO Scope: Measure your privacy exposure score on the Web

When you hover the mouse in excess of a cell, you get the title of the area, and the percentage values that show how lots of sites you frequented on that working day designed that connection.

You can swap the heatmap exhibit to record look at which displays the 3rd-party connection area names and the scores right. Click on the icon on the prime left of the heatmap to do so.

The only solutions the extension comes with let you alter the time interval in days which the extension takes advantage of to compute the 3rd-party expousre rating, and the heatmap color.

Closing Terms

uBO Scope is an intriguing extension as it raises recognition in regards to 3rd-party connections and privacy. It may well also be applied to exam content blockers to discover out about the connections that they enable and block this may well be practical to adjust specified blocking requirements.

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