The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln wants an ending full of kung fu and "CORRRAL"


How will The Strolling Lifeless close? It can be a pure problem as the collection reaches the summary of its (rather uneven) seventh time, and one that would not have any distinct respond to yet. Except you’re asking for the private preference of Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln, that is. Lincoln came up with a really complete respond to for one lover who posed the problem at a PaleyFest panel, via

Just before we get started, this absolutely is just not heading to take place. So will not be concerned about spoilers, unless you’re wondering about touring to an alternate dimension in which The Strolling Lifeless has way additional kung fu motion. Which is the only way you’re heading to see this on Television.

“I’m gonna say this now, this is how I want Rick to die,” Lincoln began. “So, we are heading through a desert somewhere and I leap off the bus […] In a really heroic act, Rick jumps off, ‘Cororororal.’ He is nevertheless alive. Perhaps it is really the last factor I say.”

Okay, Rick leaps from the bus, shout-slurring his son’s title (certainly, Lincoln is absolutely in on that joke) and undertaking his ideal Bruce Lee perception on a gaggle of rotters. Go on.

“I leap off and I’m like kung-fu kicking, receive my motion determine, midway through I get bit… Ow! Won’t subject, preserve heading!” Lincoln explained. “In any case, I deal with that, and I’m dying on my personal. Just ready to die. I wait around and I patch up and a working day passes.

“I patch myself up, I will not die. The last shot is, ‘Holy shit! Perhaps I’m the get rid of!’ High shot, the total factor… High shot, herd of zombies coming: Rick gets up, follows the tracks to go see ‘Coral,’ walking, the herd arrives in the direction of him, and they individual. He walks through. Boom!”

Guy, if only they’d realized that back again in time one! Could’ve synthesized a vaccine at the non-blown-up Facilities for Sickness Handle, or at the very least despatched Rick out to do all the supply runs. Ah perfectly, would’ve manufactured for substantially much less attention-grabbing television.

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Photos: AMC