The Ultimate Way to Drink Beer – Kramstein


By: Nick Gambino

There is an innovation in beer-ingesting on the horizon and its name is Kramstein.

There are various strategies for you to drink beer. You can drink straight from the bottle or can, you can drink from a purple Solo cup or you could drink it from a wine glass. Although that very last a single could consequence in a loss of man cred.

The finest way to drink beer nevertheless is straight from a mug (stein) or identical beer glass. That way the beer can breathe and you can glimpse like a burly Viking as you down your victory pint. You have observed the motion pictures.

Now nevertheless this is the finest way to eat the divine liquid that is beer, there is just a single challenge. Most steins are built from glass which signifies it will perform warmth from your hand as you maintain it. This warmth will transfer by means of to the beer warming it up. And let’s all concur, heat beer sucks.

This transfer of temperature is a two-way road as the cold and condensation from the beer will transfer to your hand creating it cold and clammy. You at any time attempted to shake somebody’s hand after going for walks about with a glass mug for a little little bit? Fairly awkward, huh?

Kramstein is gearing up to solve these troubles with its metallic style aimed at guarding your hand and beer from any unwelcome transfer of temperature. The metallic alloy frame is built up of a take care of hooked up to corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners that maintain the glass.

So not only does it glimpse interesting but it solves the basic challenge of glass steins. And not like other impartial handles the fasteners protect against the glass from sliding about.

The Kickstarter marketing campaign to get this considerably-needed merchandise to industry is underway. When that’s wrapped up we really should see pre-get success starting off about June.

Colors to opt for from consist of Black, Crimson, Blue and Gray. You’ll even have your chose of glass in both Obvious or Smoke. Since why not, ideal?

I for a single can not hold out to see Kramstein strike the industry so do us all a favor and head above to Kickstarter and check out the marketing campaign.  You can also check out their internet site at


Nick Gambino is a normal script writer and tech beat reporter for NewsWatch. He life in Northern Virginia with his spouse and daughter.

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