The Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum Overview: A Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Optical Switches


The attractiveness of mechanical keyboards has led to the flooding of the sector with hundreds of goods, a lot of of which experienced very smaller (or even zero) differences from every single other. Immediately after all, there were only a handful of different keyboard swap types (and their clones), and there is only so a great deal a person can do with differentiating in conditions of aesthetics and style and design without shifting into computer software. This absence of range, in conjunction with the very significant attractiveness that mechanical keyboards have amongst avid gamers, has pushed the suppliers to style and design and create new, exceptional mechanical keyboard switches – often aimed directly in direction of avid gamers.

Through the previous couple of decades, we have noticed (and analyzed) quite a few new swap models that were attempting to differentiate from the regular Cherry MX switches and their clones. Suppliers experimented with the vacation and actuation length of the keys, or the differences were purely cosmetic, these kinds of as apparent plastic bodies for improved LED lights consequences.

In this overview we are obtaining a look at the new Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum, a keyboard with switches that are extra than just a small different. The Excalibur SE Spectrum externally seems like a regular mechanical keyboard but its switches are optical, relying on infrared sensors alternatively than metallic contacts for signaling.

Packaging and bundle

Tesoro materials the Excalibur SE Spectrum in a regular cardboard box with small, simple artwork. The style and design of the packaging is centered on the marketing of the optical key switches. It is a durable packaging that really should be presenting extra than enough defense to the keyboard in the course of shipping.

Inside of the packaging we only uncovered a very primary handbook and a smaller sticker listing the keyboard’s superior keystroke features. There is no keycap puller or other extras supplied along with with the Excalibur SE Spectrum.

TESOROSESPECTRUM_05_575px The Tesoro Excalibur SE Spectrum Overview: A Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron Optical Switches