The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate


This yr has been challenging for smartphones, which is a bit of a paradox when you take into consideration just how a lot far better matters have gotten in comparison to previous yr. With Snapdragon 820, 650, 652, and 625 we’ve last but not least moved past the shadow of the Snapdragon 810, 808, and 617/615. Whilst there ended up Android gadgets that shipped with the Exynos 7420, they ended up usually paired with a modem that was not necessarily the most electrical power effective. Even with all of this, there appears to be to be a normal disappointment with smartphones. Individuals are more and more getting it challenging to justify phones like the HTC ten or Galaxy S7 with competition from OnePlus, Xiaomi, and even Apple with their Apple iphone SE.

In this context the Galaxy Note7 provides a lot of the taste of the Galaxy S7 edge, but blends it with the S-Pen of the Be aware line and a couple new attributes like the iris scanner. If you ended up having to pay consideration to the business with the start of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note5, it is very a lot additional of the similar instead than the important redesigns that we saw transferring from the Galaxy S5 to the Galaxy Be aware 4. To far better illustrate what I signify we can get a appear at the spec sheet.

  Samsung Galaxy Note5 Samsung Galaxy Note7
SoC Exynos 7420
4x Cortex-A57 @ 2.1Ghz
4x Cortex-A53 @ one.5GHz
Mali T770MP8

(Samsung 14LPE)

Snapdragon 820 (US)
2x Kryo @ 2.15GHz
2x Kryo @ one.6GHz
Adreno 530

Exynos 8890 (ROW)
4x Exynos M1 @ 2.3GHz
4x Cortex A53 @ one.6GHz
Mali T880MP12

(Samsung 14LPP)

NAND 32/64/128GB NAND (UFS 2.) 64GB NAND (UFS 2.) + microSD
UFS 2. one lane MLC
Display 5.7” 1440p
5.7” 1440p
Community 2G / 3G / 4G LTE (Category 6/9 LTE)
Area Dependent
2G / 3G / 4G LTE (Classification 12/ten/9 LTE)
Area Dependent
Dimensions 153.2 x seventy x seven.6mm, 171g 153.5 x seventy three.9 x seven.9mm, 169g
Digital camera 16MP Rear Going through w/ OIS f/one.9, one.12µm, one/2.6″
(Sony IMX240, Samsung S5K2P2)
12MP Rear Going through w/ OIS, f/, one.4µm, one/2.6″
(Sony IMX260, Samsung S5K2L1)
5MP Entrance Going through, f/one.9, one.34µm
(Samsung S5K4E6)
5MP Entrance Going through, f/, one.34µm
(Samsung S5K4E6)
Battery 3000 mAh (11.55 Whr) 3500 mAh (13.48 Whr)
OS Android 5 w/ TouchWiz
(At Launch)
Android 6 w/ TouchWiz
(At Launch)
Connectivity 2×2 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,
BT 4.2
microUSB, USB2,
2×2 802.11a/b/g/n/ac,
BT 4.2
Fingerprint Sensor Capacitive by Synaptics Capacitive by Synaptics

When we appear at the spec sheet, the Galaxy Note7 is virtually similar to the Galaxy S7 edge, but sees a minor bump in measurement and the addition of an S-Pen. Of course, the Galaxy Note7 is a major action up from the Note5, but for perspective it’s typically additional exciting to appear at modern smartphone launches to contextualize the system underneath take a look at. For the to start with time we’re really beginning to see the impact on interior volume that the S-Pen has, as the Galaxy S7 edge is a little bit lesser than the Galaxy Note7 but in fact has a larger battery, which was not the situation when comparing the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note5. Of course, the S-Pen does also present useful worth if routinely applied, so it is a trade-off that has to be thought of by the conclusion user. Whilst we’re continue to on the issue of the S-Pen, it no extended breaks the mobile phone if inserted backwards. It also has a thinner .7mm suggestion and an further bit of precision for stress sensing, but we are going to have to get a nearer appear a bit later on right here.

Other than the addition of the S-Pen and a a little bit larger display screen, the Galaxy Note7 also gains a USB-C port relative to the Galaxy S7 edge, which will make the connector reversible. It also supports USB Gen one but the cable in the box is USB 2 only, which appears to be to be a popular development with a selection of modern flagships. There is also the addition of the iris scanner, which supports iris scanning from 1 pair of eyes. Other than these alterations, the Galaxy Note7 at a substantial level is instead challenging to notify aside from the Galaxy S7 edge.

Design and style

The similarities between the Galaxy Note7 and Galaxy S7 edge really do not really conclusion at the spec sheet either. Both equally gadgets have the similar curved pebble-like design and style on the entrance with a bodily house button and fairly a lot the only noticeable variation right here is that the curve of the edge display screen is modified. There are also some further sensors to permit the iris scanning functionality at the major near the earpiece these kinds of as the IR LED and IR camera, but Samsung is sticking to what operates for them right here.

Together the sides of the mobile phone we start to see some of the dissimilarities as the system has the similar radius of curvature on the entrance and back of the mobile phone so the entrance and rear glass sense similar when your finger ways the edge of the system instead than a additional severe edge on the display screen lens and a gentler 1 on the back as viewed in the Galaxy S7 edge. This also will cause some noticeable alterations in viewing angles which we’ll handle in later on sections. What is worth speaking about correct now is how edge swipes seem to be inconsistent in the perception that the edge panel requires a swipe that basically starts off correct at the edge of the display screen, when applications seem to be to do greatest when an edge swipe starts off at the junction exactly where the display screen commences to curve. This sort of detail is rather troublesome for the to start with couple days you use the mobile phone but inevitably you get applied to it, but in some ways this is a lacking action of usability.

DSC_4804_575px The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate

The entrance and rear glass of the Note7 fulfill with an aluminum frame that capabilities as the spine of the mobile phone. As the glass back is epoxied to this aluminum frame, there is no removable battery, but this simplifies interior design and style and volumetric performance. The LG G5 carries on to be the previous notable flagship with a removable battery and has notable concerns with volumetric performance as a outcome, so I’m not sure it necessarily will make perception with the varieties of types that Samsung has been pursuing for the previous yr and a 50 %, but it would be wonderful to see some approach of removing the back protect without utilizing a hair dryer if only as a concession to the chance of shattering a glass back in a fall.

DSC_4793_575px The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate

Discussions of repairability aside, the aluminum frame of this mobile phone also retains matters like the SIM/microSD tray, microphone holes, and other cutouts. It’s worth mentioning right here that the mobile phone has far better alignment of all the numerous buttons and holes in comparison to the Galaxy S7 edge by a significant margin. Points like the electrical power and volume buttons are centered and in the correct place ergonomically and remain rather clicky, while if you’re applied to some thing like the HTC ten they have a a lot softer split and sense. There have been numerous men and women that have complained about these matters, and presumably in an energy to handle these varieties of complaints Samsung saw suit to solve this concern but matters like the microphone holes are not necessarily aligned, so if Samsung really intends to sell this design and style story of symmetry I suspect long term generations will need to solve these varieties of small niggles. It’s worth mentioning that even the antenna insulation on the frame is symmetrical. The whole mobile phone is basically edge-considerably less and feels like holding a pebble. The 1 notable place of this mobile phone that in fact has a perceivable edge right here is the S-Pen, which has a slight edge that will help with pulling it out if you have a little bit extended fingernails. If you really do not have fingernails, the head can be frustrated to make it protrude for effortless accessibility. The system also has a three.5mm jack, which is wonderful to see when at minimum 1 modern system has shipped without 1, but I’m continue to undecided on whether this really matters 1 way or a different.

DSC_4778_575px The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate

The back of the mobile phone is fairly a lot similar to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The curved glass will help with ergonomics, with a a little bit rounded sq. camera lens which now consists of a subtle sample of concentric circles between the protect lens and the camera module. I really do not imagine this in fact serves a useful objective and in fact phone calls consideration to the instead odd mismatch of a squared-off protect lens with a circular camera. It’s worth mentioning right here that the coating beneath the glass is no extended as elaborate as the 1 viewed in the Galaxy S6 or Note5, which had an really wonderful texture to it and various layers to deliver a neat effect in the solar, but there are continue to some exciting optical effects to this back protect as reflections diffuse vertically alternatively of a easy mirror reflection.

DSC_4785_575px The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate

Overall, the design and style of the mobile phone is satisfactory, but honestly at this level it is absolutely nothing really exclusive. If you’re stepping up from a mobile phone like the Galaxy Be aware three it is going to sense nicer in the hand but really the design and style is just holding up with competition like Xiaomi. I would argue that OnePlus and Google/Huawei have surpassed Samsung right here as far as ID goes from a decrease value level, and that equally Apple and HTC have carried out far better than Samsung for about the similar value. We can argue about how Apple works by using a plastic liner or whatever moment detail in the design and style is “better”, but some thing as easy as the camera lens is sq. even though a circular design and style would appear considerably less out of place thanks to the use of concentric circles. The IR LED, entrance going through camera, and iris scanner are visually unbalanced, and microphone holes are just not aligned in any sensible way. For all of the marketing bravado about symmetry and a target on design and style, these varieties of matters make it sense like Samsung is really just doing this to handle press criticism instead than doing it out of some sort of interior force for enhanced design and style.

DSC_4780_575px The Samsung Galaxy Note7 (S820) Evaluate

The Galaxy S6 was a massive leap forward for Samsung, and as we technique the conclusion of yr two for this design and style I imagine it is time for Samsung to shift forward when once more. There are only so numerous ways to make a a little bit rounded rectangle, but some thing other than the similar curved glass and aluminum frame with bodily house button would go a very extended way toward refreshing the design and style. It’s effortless to argue that Samsung’s strategy of largely making the specific similar design and style with a slight twist has labored for them for a very extended time, but just looking at the past Samsung and other OEMs in the business enterprise typically only get about two generations out of a given ID just before they need to refresh their types. The edge display screen is fairly, but functionally it is honestly at minimum mildly troublesome due to the fact edge swipes really do not really work the way you’d assume them to thanks to the abbreviated edge on the Note7 relative to prior gadgets. This is of course my impression, but the Galaxy Note7 feels built in a disjointed way. The correct pieces are typically in the correct place, but if you appear much too closely the seams of not-pretty symmetrical parts are continue to there. I uncovered it challenging to fault phones like the Galaxy S5 and Be aware 4 that ended up unabashedly useful, but this is a mobile phone that tries to have some perception of type so it is harder to be sort right here. The Note7 is not going to make you sad when you get it out of the box and functionally there is definitely absolutely nothing incorrect with this mobile phone other than the odd ergonomics of the edge display screen, but if you appear much too closely you will observe the incongruities.