Steam Adds Full Support for PS4 DualShock Controller


By: Nick Gambino

Although you can hook up really a great deal any controller to your Personal computer and participate in video games by way of Steam, they are really confined when it will come to features.

Valve’s initial alternative to this trouble was developing their incredibly have Steam controller. For the reason that of its similarity to the PS4’s DualShock controller, Valve has now included assistance for the PlayStation controller.

You can now map and personalize the DualShock in accordance to your needs. With various buttons as very well as a gyro and touchpad you can operate the gamut of personalized functions.

Although hardcore Personal computer avid gamers seem to be to be written content to stick with the keyboard and mouse set-up, this included assistance for the DualShock features a bridged gap for console avid gamers to phase into the environment of Personal computer gaming.

In their announcement Valve features some perception into what you can hope to do with the controller, “When enabled PS4 controllers will have accessibility to the similar form of customization/configuration assistance as Steam Controllers, including indigenous API assistance. PS4 Controllers using this program can map the trackpad, gyro, buttons, etcetera. to keyboard, mouse or x-enter outputs and make use of motion sets, touch menus, radial menus, and so forth.”

Now I will provide a piece of assistance or a warning, if you will. If you are thinking of using both the DualShock or Steam controller to participate in an FPS like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), never. The controller eliminates that slight edge from a game that requires lightning-quick response time.

Take this from somebody who’s been tea-bagged sufficient situations in-game that I chucked my controller out the window and invested in an true gaming mouse (Razer DeathAdder Chroma). I know when enough’s sufficient.

But for anyone enjoying a game that is a little bit additional laid again and does not call for cat-like reflexes, probably GTA or Dim Souls (assume RPG), a controller is undoubtedly additional relaxed and likely additional ideal.

What are your views on Valve’s included assistance for the DualShock on Steam? Enable us know in the comments under!


Nick Gambino is a typical script writer and tech conquer reporter for NewsWatch. He life in Northern Virginia with his spouse and daughter.


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