Star Wars: The Last Jedi trading card shows us what Snoke looks like when he's not a giant hologram


Supreme Leader Snoke is a person of Star Wars’ most important mysteries at current – no one is aware of wherever he arrived from, what his history is, or even what species he is. Heck, we’ve in no way even gotten to see what he seriously looks like when he is not a thirty-foot tall hologram (or a plastic toy representation). That is, until finally this 7 days.

A new impression from Topps’ Star Wars Card Trader sequence reveals the lord and master of the Initial Order in all his fleshy glory and… effectively honestly, I am a minor upset. He just kinda looks like a random dude, albeit a person with a messed up encounter. His golden robes are wonderful, but not particularly overwhelming or fun to appear at. Did he just get out of the bathtub, or do those who follow the Dark Aspect just seriously like to be relaxed?

I am absolutely sure after Andy Serkis’ voice is coming out of his mouth he’ll be significantly far more overwhelming, and no question he’ll participate in a considerable role in the upcoming Star Wars: The Previous Jedi, but right now I am acquiring far more of a “humanoid scrotum” vibe. Or perhaps “wrinkled potato.” “Finely-dressed tumor?”

Oo, I know! Let’s see if we can do much better. Down below you will discover a coloring book-type conversion of the impression so that you can make your own model of Snoke. Go on, bust out your crayons, coloring markers, or just plain ol’ Photoshop and see what you can appear up with.

Personally, I am pondering I’ll give my model eyeliner and a poster of My Chemical Romance in the history. I’ll phone him Coldsnoke the Hedgehog (initial character, do not steal).