Someone made a modern N64 controller


The Nintendo sixty four was an magnificent console with a distinctive, a few-pronged controller. But that controller experienced a deadly flaw: the analog command stick in the center would wear out quite immediately.

Now another person is remaking the controller for modern day gaming. And it appears to be quite awesome. A whole lot of persons feel it appears to be awesome, because the challenge has raised $88,000 in just a few times on Kickstarter.

They at first wanted just $thirteen,000 to make the “Retro Fighter” N64 controller a truth. They obtained way more than that, and the challenge will absolutely increase even more revenue.

You can verify out some pics of the controller beneath.

Nevertheless, it may possibly not be wanted if Nintendo is generating an N64 mini console as rumors propose.

n64 Someone made a modern N64 controller

n64-2 Someone made a modern N64 controller