Say hello to this ugly PS4 controller with a bunch of soccer stuff slapped on it


Don’t forget that minimal edition Destiny two PS4 controller, with the game’s logos plastered more than the grips and touchpad? It was not particularly hideous, but it was no looker, both. This minimal edition PlayStation F.C. controller though… yeah, it is lousy.

Like the Destiny two controller, it is just decals stuck onto the grips and touchpad. There is certainly no class or move to it, just a bunch of soccer imagery. The playbook layout on the left grip does not even make feeling!

The serious kicker (no pun meant) is that though the controller will be readily available across the EU region, this layout is just not even readily available in the United kingdom, in which the activity reigns supreme. If you still want 1, the PlayStation Weblog suggests examining with your neighborhood merchants. The controller will be readily available beginning September 29.