Revisiting Taiwan’s Energy Policy Following Aug. 15 Power Outage


The Aug. 15 in depth energy outage disrupting nearby people’s daily life, triggered by CPC Taiwan’s error in gas provide for Taipower, has prompted rethinking of the nation’s energy coverage.

At the heart of the situation is DPP government’s energetic marketing of eco-friendly energy, beneath the auspices of its “nuclear-no cost homeland” coverage, a big variable powering the share of eco-friendly energy soaring to 4.eight% in 2016, a new high. In addition to the revision of the “Electricity Act” and the “Renewable Electricity Act,” a great deal stays to be finished, in order to realize the government’s aim of elevating the share of eco-friendly energy to twenty% by 2020.

For starters, the government should really intensify cross-ministry interaction and raise the versatility of laws. For the leadership of the central government, energy transformation plan has in depth involvement, whose execution wants concerted effort and hard work amid many government units. 1 difficulty is how to get the in depth plot of land, approximated at twenty,000 hectares, for the raise of PV energy technology to twenty GW, up from one.34 GW now.

Regulator should really be additional versatile for co-prosperity of land and energy methods

Following the liberalization by the Council of Agriculture (COA) in 2013, PV energy and other eco-friendly-energy facilities have sprouted on farmland, leading to several land speculations and other side outcomes, which prompted the COA to tighten its steps greatly. The restrictive stance has augmented the risks for eco-friendly-energy investments significantly, discouraging prospective investors and dampening installation of PV energy stations. How to harmony farming and eco-friendly-energy development, beneath the auspices of “PV energy supplementing farming operation,” constitutes a big obstacle for the COA.

The government has lately been selling floating PV energy facilities, which are put in in ponds, fishing ponds, reservoirs, and retention basins. This sort of facilities, though, contain laws on the utilization of drinking water parts, which include drinking water-retention operate and the effect on landscape and drinking water good quality. The H2o Resources Company, beneath the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and the COA should really be additional versatile in the interpretation of the connected laws, to facilitate the installation of these types of facilities.

Accelerating financial investment in transitional substitute energies to guarantee energy provide

3_2 Revisiting Taiwan’s Energy Policy Following Aug. 15 Power Outage
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In addition, investments in alternative energies should really be stepped up, in order to slice the share of nuclear energy. To cope with the decommissioning of the initially and 2nd nuclear energy plants, the MOEA has prepared to boost the share of gasoline gas-fired energy to 50% by 2025, to fill the shortfall of energy provide, right before eco-friendly energy turns into a mainstay in the nation’s energy composition. To achieve the aim, Taiwan will have to greatly raise the import of pure gas. Nevertheless, Taiwan has only two LNG (liquefied pure gas) terminals now and the third terminal project, found in Kuantang Industrial Zone of Taoyuan, has been stalled, because of to issue for passing environmental effect assessment. Furthermore, there wants substantial investments in building new transportation and storage facilities or growing current kinds.

For stabilizing LNG provide and reducing expense, the government can look at investing in overseas gas fields.

Advancement of renewable energies and wise energy grid

4_1 Revisiting Taiwan’s Energy Policy Following Aug. 15 Power Outage
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The development of renewable energies is indispensable for the government nuclear-no cost homeland vision. The government aims to increase the share of eco-friendly energy to twenty%. Whilst biomass energy and hydraulic energy are additional controllable, the government is concentrating on the development of PV energy and offshore wind farms, whose provide is additional unreliable. The circumstance may perhaps jeopardize the steadiness of the nation’s energy-provide composition.

Prior to his resignation, former Premier Lin Chuan instructed elevating the focus on of wind energy to 3.five GW, up from unique 3 GW, equal to the energy produced by two nuclear energy plants. Thanks to its exclusive geographic ecosystem, Taiwan is just one of the few nations in the entire world suited to the development of offshore wind energy. To overcome environmental disputes, the government should really publicize web sites suited for offshore wind farms and stage up interaction with environmental groups.

Given its brief building time period, the government has concentrated on producing PV energy stations, right before maturity of wind energy. In addition, PV energy output peaks in summertime, which takes place to be peak year for energy intake.

Nevertheless, PV energy and wind energy are topic to the constraint of time and room, unable to crank out energy at night or windless times. For that reason, together with the raise of the share of renewable energies, ratio amid many kinds of energy technology should really be perfected.

Ideal share of renewable energies in energy provide should really be established, taking into account the distribution of energy technology and intake, as well as the features and technology status of eco-friendly energy. Japan also focuses on the development of PV energy at existing, in exchange for enough time for producing offshore wind energy.

For efficient utilization of renewable energies, the key activity is to control the output of eco-friendly energy. For that purpose, there wants to create additional energy storage facilities, for launch of saved energy during moments of requirement.

Given the unsteady and unpredictable character of eco-friendly energy, the development of wise grids is vital, as it can reduce the effect of fluctuation of frequency on the grid and enhance the connection amid energy technology, transmission, and distribution. Clever grid can also blend with storage programs to kind a micro grid for linkup with a massive grid, thus elevating the general resilience and power of the grid and attaining energy preserving.

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