Portable network scanner Dipiscan for Windows


Dipiscan is a portable network scanner for Microsoft Windows gadgets to run scans on an IP array to detect network gadgets.

A great deal of equipment for network administrators and administration exist that support you take care of gadgets related to a neighborhood spot network. Most working devices ship with built-in choices to ping, trace, screen TCP connections, or run telnet or ftp sessions.

Third-party equipment provide far better command and manageability, for occasion by running scans for gadgets in a network, sending instructions to all those gadgets, or managing all those gadgets in other regards.

Idea: we have reviewed various network equipment in the previous like the network discovery software package NetSurveyor, the network monitoring software package NetWorx, or the network inventory software package Subnet Scan.


Dipiscan is a portable program for Windows that you might use to scan an IP array, and to take care of the network gadgets that are returned by the scan.

You can run the program from any locale on Windows, as it is portable and does not have to have to be set up. The application indicates a network IP array instantly, but you might transform it if you have to have to.

You can strike the examine button correct away to begin the scan, or transform the filter that decides which gadgets are returned in the list of benefits.

The default is established to any machine that replies, but you can transform that to devices that return data, devices with shares, or all devices even all those that will not reply at all.

The scan is fast and devices that match the lookup requirements are extra to the desk in the program’s interface.

The data that is exhibited for every system relies upon on it. You get, as a minimal, the IP tackle and reply speed, the MAC tackle, and the network adapter. Dependent on the system and its configuration, data about the device’s NetBIOS and DNS name, domain, person, server, working process, shares, and description and commentary might be shown as nicely.

Although the data might be practical currently in some scenarios, other choices are readily available. A correct-click on a row in the machine listing displays a context menu with choices and instructions that you might run.

You might consider command of the machine working with distant desktop connections for occasion, take care of buyers and teams, and services, take care of the pc working with ComputerManagement, use WakeOnLan operation, send out a information, or open it in Explorer.

You might also open a share, use operation delivered by other equipment of the developer that combine with Dipiscan, or increase the system to the adopted devices tab for much easier obtain in the upcoming.

Dipiscan ships with additional equipment that you might use. These are shown in other tabs in the interface and deliver you with the next choices:

  • Look for by NetBIOS name.
  • Look for by DNS name
  • Trace Route

A lookup is built-in and shown under Edit. This is possibly only practical if the network is at least of medium dimension.

The equipment menu at the top lists choices to screen all comments/MAC addresses, and to list all Ethernet adapter producers.


configuration Portable network scanner Dipiscan for Windows

The configuration of the program is really considerable, and divided on five diverse tabs. Here is a swift overview of some of the choices that you obtain shown there:

  • General
    • Transform program language.
    • Transform greatest amount of threads and pings.
    • Established ping, NetBIOS, WMI and Analysis timeouts.
    • Outline IP tackle resolution situations (community or personal, no resolution, or only if in a domain).
    • User retrieval strategy (NetBIOS only, Internet BIOS then WMI, WMI then NetBIOS, WMI)
    • MAC tackle retrieval method (NBTSTAT then ARP, NBTSTAT only, ARP only).
    • OS edition and description retrieval strategy (API, WMI, API then WMI, WMI then API).
    • Shares retrieval strategy (similar as OS edition over).
    • Consist of exclusive, and administrative shares. Only list readily available shares.
  • Parameters distinct to specific modules
    • Wake on neighborhood network: established port, Mask and delay.
    • Wake on Internet: Established port, delay, default script or script URL.
    • Hide some data, e.g. summary at the finish of examination.
    • Do not prompt to down load list of producers, or list of network adapters when mysterious kinds are found out.
  • Access
    • Configure obtain to the Internet (proxy, login).
    • Configure obtain to distant stations (use session account, use an additional account).
    • Configure obtain to ActiveDirectory (see over).
  • Columns
    • Include or conceal columns that the application lists in the desk.
  • Tailor made Instructions
    • Include, modify or remove tailor made instructions.

The tailor made instructions alternative is practical, as it permits you to increase new instructions to the correct-click menu of Dipiscan so that you can run these on chosen devices.


Dipiscan is a expert quality network scanner for Windows gadgets. It is fast, portable, presents considerable configuration choices, and offers you with choices to increase tailor made instructions to the application that you want to make use of.

Now You: do you use network software package?


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