Of course there are actual Android Oreos


Of-course-there-are-actual-Android-Oreos Of course there are actual Android Oreos

1498910569_549_Check-out-the-micro-drone-that-got-more-than-3.5-million-on-Indiegogo Of course there are actual Android Oreos1498910569_715_Check-out-the-micro-drone-that-got-more-than-3.5-million-on-Indiegogo Of course there are actual Android Oreos

Google surprised exactly no one when it confirmed the long-rumored name for the next version of Android: Oreo.

Now we know the name will extend not just to Google’s Software but to the cookies themselves.

Oreo has made a line of specially-branded Android cookies, which bear the robot mascot on one side and the traditional Oreo logo on the other. It’s not clear when these will hit shelves or where they will be available, but CNN reports the cookies will be a limited edition release.

Android fans on-hand at Google’s event today in New York already got a look at the cookies. Read more…

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