No Computer Use Means No License to Practice Medicine


A health practitioner has misplaced her license to apply drugs simply because she doesn’t use a laptop or computer.

A choose decided not to give a health practitioner her license back simply because she can not use the laptop or computer. An 84 a long time outdated health practitioner wishes to regain her license just after acquiring surrendered it. One particular of the explanations for which she experienced to independent from it is her not using a computer.

Health care provider Not able to Apply Medicine Due to the fact of Her not Working with Engineering

Because of to the fact that Dr. Anna Konopka doesn’t know how to use the laptop or computer, a choose decided that she is unable to apply any longer. The choose outlined that this health practitioner is unable to hold information of her individuals and prescribe drugs. Her limited laptop or computer use stops her from using the obligatory digital drug monitoring software.

This software is utilised in an exertion to decrease opioid overdoses. The US is nevertheless suffering from the opiate disaster. So some feel that this might be just one rationale for the judge’s refusal.

Dr. Anna Konopka requested the choose, when once again, to rethink his choice and to allow her apply drugs even nevertheless she has limited laptop or computer use. On Wednesday, the choose will have to have to reply to this request. For now, the health practitioner can not see the twenty five individuals that she when utilised to take care of weekly.

Dr. Konopka outlined that she is nevertheless fighting for her suitable to apply drugs which must not be decided by her laptop or computer use. She doesn’t have a laptop or computer and she doesn’t know how to use just one. Her patient’s information are all published on paper, the outdated trend way. The allegations from her begun when she handled a 7-calendar year outdated with bronchial asthma.

She was then accused that she experienced left the dosage of the medicine up to the child’s mom and did not take care of the kid with inhaled steroids. The health practitioner outlined that she hardly ever harm any of her individuals.

There had been four other problems from her because the demo begun. The board required to have a disciplinary hearing for these problems, but the health practitioner gave up her license prior to this could transpire. She now states that she was forced to do so.

The health practitioner has created a faithful team of individuals in New London, and most of her individuals outlined that she delivers a private touch and that she cares for them. She is regarded for serving to individuals who can not pay for to go to the healthcare facility. Because of to the fact that she recognized each individual affected individual who can give her $fifty, she couldn’t pay for a secretary, a law firm or a nurse. Additional than 30 of her individuals have published to the choose hoping that he will allow her apply drugs when once again.

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