New Resident Evil 7 videos show cassette-based saves, crate smashing and a weird watch


Of course Resident Evil seven has determined to modernise slightly, changing its aged typewriter based mostly conserving system with tape cassettes alternatively. It is really a stage in the suitable course at the very least. 

The new system has been unveiled in just one of two new video clips known as “Recorder’, alongside with the title of the degree currently being saved ‘Escape from the house’ and an 8m46s time suggesting this is extremely early on in the game.  

We’ve read beforehand from producer Masachika Kawata that Resident Evil 7’s conserving will be a mix of vehicle and manual options. And, seemingly, if you chose more durable troubles “the help save system will not be so nice to you”.

That movie also exhibits this odd watch, glimpsed briefly as the primary character opens a door: 

That is evidently some form of wellbeing/stat display. There is been no HUD noticeable but so it appears to be like the game is pulling that form of info from in-game objects. 

The 2nd movie beneath, known as ‘Stock Up’, exhibits some thing extremely acquainted: a crate currently being smashed with a knife. Capcom has spoken about how there will factors fans will recognise – herbs and the like – and this is evidently a reference to the aged online games. 

There is heading to be a further 6 of these video clips on that way, presumably with just about every just one teasing out some thing new. I am going to keep you current. 

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