Marissa Mayer wants ‘CEO’ atop her resume again after end of Yahoo, but Uber silent so far: report


As the community confront of Yahoo when the business was swirling down into an abyss of scandal and vanishing market share, the former firm’s former CEO Marissa Mayer gained a lion’s share of the blame.

Mayer was roasted in 2015 by activist investor Eric Jackson for “$ten billion in misallocated funds.” Amid Yahoo’s tumultuous $four.five billion sale to Verizon, which shut in June, accountability for file-placing hacks of users’ own details was laid at Mayer’s door, with the Yahoo board slashing her payment by $twelve million.

Mayer had been hired at Yahoo in 2012, the fourth CEO in as a lot of decades. She was tasked with reviving the floundering corporation that had seen Google get on the job of universal research engine. She unsuccessful to pull Yahoo back again up.

Regardless of whether Mayer was to blame for Yahoo’s tumble from on higher, or regardless of whether Yahoo was a terminal circumstance and impossible to revive had been a issue of considerably community discussion and speculation.

That is now a concern of important value for Mayer. But what matters now is not regardless of whether the public believes her responsible of dragging Yahoo to the floor, or regardless of whether Jackson thinks she squandered as well considerably dollars as the firm’s CEO. What matters are the sights among leadership at major companies wherever she’s probably to apply for the top position.

“She unquestionably wants a further CEO job yet again and does not want to turn into a complete-time investor,” Business Insider claimed, following interviewing Mayer on July 18 at a Colorado convention.

In a natural way, with the departure of Travis Kalanick as Uber’s CEO, there’s been communicate of Mayer filling that job.

Mayer declined to notify Business Insider if she’s fascinated in that position, but she claimed Uber has not contacted her about it.


Picture: Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer in 2015 (AP Picture/Eric Risberg)


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