Is the sci-fi movie Life actually a secret Venom prequel? The film's writers don't rule it out


We’re only a handful of days absent from the launch of the sci-fi thriller Daily life, which consists of astronauts exploring a killer organism on board a space station. But could that very same organism essentially be the symbiote Venom from Marvel comic textbooks and Spider-Man motion pictures, generating Daily life a stealth prequel to Sony’s newly-introduced Venom movie?

Ahead of we get your hopes up, the reply is most likely no. When asked composing duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick about a probable connection, they jokingly replied, “Yes, the reply is indeed! We are tied to Venom! We are the prequel to Venom!” But let us get genuine: if the motion picture essentially was a prequel and the studio did not put that in the marketing in order to maintain a shock for followers, it’s amazingly not likely that the writers would acknowledge to this ruse and blow the complete thing vast open up only a handful of days just before the film’s launch.

Still, it’s uncomplicated to see why the principle has obtained a large amount of traction online a short while ago. Reese suggests 1 reason is that the screenwriting pair “wrote a Venom screenplay, so I believe persons saw that connection” – although that individual screenplay hardly ever saw the light of day. “They also saw the Spider-Man three footage that sneaked its way into our last trailer,” he mentioned. Spider-Man three is the only Spidey movie in which the character of Venom essentially appears, but that fast 2nd of Spider-Man three footage in the Daily life trailer was probable just a circumstance of a studio or trailer editing corporation dropping a piece of stock footage into the video and not anticipating world-wide-web sleuths to pinpoint its origin. In other phrases, it was probable just a very simple editing choice, not a clever hint hidden in plain sight.

Reese agreed that Daily life would make a terrific Venom prequel, although Wernick excitedly setting up drawing connections himself. “That is the symbiote!” Wernick mentioned of his film’s alien. “Eddie Brock’s on Earth. The symbiote’s on Earth, finds Eddie Brock…” You can fill in the relaxation, but I’d be ready to guess decent cash that the motion picture alone won’t essentially make that connection specific. In addition to the reasons mentioned earlier mentioned, the new Venom motion picture is remaining produced by former Marvel Studios main Avi Arad and his Arad Productions Daily life is produced by Skydance Productions and isn’t affiliated with Arad at all. You can guess that if Daily life had something to do with Venom, Arad’s name would be all in excess of it. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but hopefully Daily life will be a persuasive sci-fi thriller without the need of the comic connection.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa and starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, and Rebecca Ferguson, Daily life hits theaters in the US and the United kingdom this Friday, March 24, 2017.

Photographs: Sony Shots