Intel Rebrands Kaby Lake Pentiums to Pentium Gold


Intel has announced plans to rebrand its recent generation Pentium processors, and upcoming generations, to ‘Pentium Gold’ chips. The rebranding reflects Intel’s intention to placement the newest Pentium CPUs above the former generation components.

Starting up from November 2nd, Intel’s boxed Pentium G4560, G4600, and G4620 processors will have the Pentium Gold manufacturer. These components were launched in Q1 2017, and are dual-core CPUs with Hyper-Threading know-how and an enhanced built-in GPU.

Normal Technical specs of Intel’s Pentium G-Collection Processors
Kaby Lake Skylake
  Cores Freq. L3 iGPU TDP   Cores Freq. L3 iGPU TDP
Gold G4620 2/four three.7GHz 3MB i630 51W G4520 2/2 three.6GHz 3MB i530 51W
Gold G4600 three.6GHz G4500 three.5GHz
Gold G4560 three.5GHz i610 54W G4400 three.3GHz i510 54W
G4600T three.0GHz i630 35W G4500T three.0GHz i530 35W
G4560T 2.9GHz i610 G4400T 2.9GHz i510
High definition Graphics 610: 12 EUs at 900 – 1100 MHz
High definition Graphics 630: 24 EUs at one thousand – 1150 MHz
High definition Graphics 510: 12 EUs at 950 MHz
High definition Graphics 530: 24 EUs at 1150 MHz

With the name changes also arrives a slight branding and retail packaging update. The initially is with their “Piggyback label” (bundled sticker hooked up to the recommendations), which changes from the ‘PCB’ die map as a history to gold. As an alternative of expressing Pentium inside, it now says Pentium Gold with the Intel name above it.

The outdoors of the retail packaging carton some changes are made as very well. Where by it used to basically say “Desktop Processor” now says “Intel Pentium Gold Desktop Processor.”

There are unofficial reports professing that Intel is also planning Pentium Silver items, so splitting the desktop Pentium lineup into two teams. The Pentium Gold loved ones evidently is composed of the mainstream desktop (MSDT) processors centered on the large-overall performance Main-branded microarchitecture. According to some reports, the Pentium Silver lineup will use the ultra-small power (ULP) codenamed Gemini Lake microarchitecture, but we are unable to validate this independently.