How to sync Vivaldi user data


If you use the Vivaldi browser on several equipment, or even a steady and advancement variation on the identical laptop, you may possibly have run into a roadblock when it will come to earning absolutely sure the person details is synced between all Vivaldi versions.

Vivaldi does not aid Sync however, but it is a feature that the enterprise performs on actively. It is probably that Sync will ship this year.

For now however, the only selection that Vivaldi customers have is to sync details manually between profiles. Though this involves some guide function on portion of the person, it is not tremendous hard.

Notice: The technique may possibly be made use of to sync most person similar details but not all of it. You cannot sync extension installations for instance it would seem, so that you need to install extensions manually on all other equipment you use Vivaldi on.

Syncing Vivaldi person details

You need to find and copy the person details on the laptop that you use Vivaldi on presently.

  1. Open up the Vivaldi internet browser on the device.
  2. Load vivaldi://about in the address bar. This lists data about the Vivaldi set up together with the profile path place.
  3. Copy the profile path, e.g. C:UsersMartinAppDataLocalVivaldiUser DataDefault.
  4. Near the Vivaldi browser (you may possibly get file in use glitches when copying in any other case).
  5. Open up the person details folder that you just copied in the system’s file browser, but go up a listing so that Consumer Data is the folder that is shown (and not Default).
  6. Copy the Default folder. You can copy it to a USB Flash Drive for instance, or transfer it by way of other usually means to the target device.

The target device procedure

  1. Repeat the actions one to four on the target laptop.
  2. Paste the Consumer Data folder so that it replaces the existing Consumer Data folder on the device. This overwrites the details.

When you begin Vivaldi on the device later on, you will see that the tabs of the Vivaldi set up of the other device are loaded, and that you have obtain to bookmarks and other details.

What is missing?

As talked about previously presently, extensions are not carried about. This usually means that you need to install them once again on the target machine.

Passwords are not synced as perfectly. Guidelines on how to export and import Vivaldi passwords are posted on the Vivaldi discussion board. I could not get those people to function nevertheless, as the Export selection did not display up when I experimented with the selection.

You can get over the password syncing situation if you install a password supervisor extension from the Chrome Internet Shop.

Creating factors much more relaxed

Though you can depart it all at that, you import only one point out and when you begin using Vivaldi on various equipment, states will inevitably improve and turn out to be various once again. Since details is not synced routinely, you’d have to repeat the actions.

This does not function extremely perfectly nevertheless, and here is the cause: you have to sync details anytime you have made use of a Vivaldi instance. If you you should not, you may possibly overwrite person details.

Just one selection that may possibly function is to start Vivaldi with the –person-details-dir (–person-details-dir=Route) parameter, and use only one person details folder that is shared between all equipment.

Just one selection for that is to transfer the person details folder to a file synchronization folder, and use it on all equipment that you run Vivaldi on.

Now You: Do you sync your browser details?

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