How to rename Cortana in Windows 10 (you can call her 'Siri' if you like!)


1 of Windows 10’s greatest new options is the inclusion of Microsoft’s own assistant, Cortana. She can do all types of things for you, from searching the world-wide-web, to setting reminders, and even wanting up tracks as they engage in.

You can summon Cortana at any time just by indicating “Hey, Cortana”, but if you’d somewhat connect with her a thing different — “Siri”, most likely, or “Darling”, or “Ava” — it’s attainable to give her a identify change. This is how.

Very first you have to have the transportable MyCortana, which you can download from right here. It’s a very small 353KB download. Launch it and click ‘Settings’ at the leading of the program.

Click the + signal on the right and enter the identify or phrase you’d like to use as an alternative of “Hey, Cortana”. You can increase a number of decisions, and later on on take away any aged ones you do not use. Alright the change and then converse the new identify to make confident it’s regarded.

The spoken command will be proven on the primary monitor.

MyCortana has been just lately up-to-date so should really work with the most up-to-date version of Windows ten.

MyCortana2 How to rename Cortana in Windows 10 (you can call her 'Siri' if you like!)