Here are the top 5 microSD cards for Nintendo Switch


We’re only a number of weeks away from the release of the Nintendo Swap, but that does not imply you just can’t be prepped and all set to go on March 3rd. Luckily, Nintendo will be supporting the standardized microSD card format with the Nintendo Swap (*AHEM* SONY) so you’ll be equipped to get those people ahead of time for all your digital purchases.

Wait, why would I want a microSD card?

You’re kidding, proper? Like the Wii U in advance of it, the Nintendo Swap only contains 32GB of interior storage for online games. Video games are acquiring increasingly bigger, with Zelda: Breath of the Wild expected to get up at the very least 13.6GB of challenging generate place for the base game, not together with the expansion pack. That indicates extra than two online games will fill up that paltry place on the Swap in no-time flat.

Nintendo does strategy on possessing a range of microSD cards branded to be utilised with the Nintendo Swap, but those people will price 2 times as much as the frequent microSD cards you can get proper now. You can preserve income by getting a microSD card that’s not branded by Nintendo, it’ll do the job just fine in the Nintendo Swap when you get it.

SDHC microSD cards are those people from 2GB to 32GB, when SDXC cards are for 32GB up to 2TB. The Nintendo Swap will need to be up to date in advance of you can use SDXC cards, but we suggest you decide just one of those people up because these online games are clocking in at these types of large storage capacities.

The Ideal microSD cards

I really don’t individually suggest getting microSD cards from 3rd-social gathering shops like eBay, even if they give greater promotions. It is extremely simple to market bogus Chinese counterfeit cards that really don’t have 50 % the place they publicize. In purchase to prevent that, purchase from a retailer like Amazon, Walmart, or Ideal Buy wherever you can return the goods if need be.

SanDisk Cards

I have lots of these I use in smartphones, cameras, and my Nintendo 3DS and they’ve labored beautifully every single time. No corruption and simple to use.

  • 32GB SanDisk – $12.99
  • 64GB SanDisk – $21.99 (least expensive medium card)
  • 128GB SanDisk – $39.99

Samsung EVO Cards

This is the least expensive I have found the 128GB cards from Amazon for each Samsung EVO and SanDisk, so if you want just one of the bigger ability cards, now is the most effective time to snag just one. They normally retail for about $fifty or so.

  • 32GB Samsung EVO – $10.99 (least expensive smaller card)
  • 64GB Samsung EVO – $23.sixty nine
  • 128GB Samsung EVO – $39.99

Lexar Cards

Yet another micro SD card I have utilised individually and can vouch for how perfectly it functions. For those people of you that keep in mind, this was the card I utilised in my post detailing how to use a bigger ability card than 32GB on the Nintendo 3DS.

  • 32GB Lexar – $13.82
  • 64GB Lexar – $23.99
  • 128GB Lexar – $44.sixty eight

Silicon Electric power Cards

I individually have no practical experience with these cards, but there are countless numbers of Amazon rankings for these cards that seems to show they’re just as reliable as SanDisk or Samsung cards. They also give the most effective offer on extra pricey storage.

  • 32GB Silicon Electric power – $23.33
  • 64GB Silicon Electric power – $37.06
  • 128GB Silicon Electric power – $37.99 (least expensive major card)

PNY Cards

I have utilised a pair of PNY thumb drives and they’ve usually been reliable, so there’s no rationale their microSD cards need to be unreliable. You would not find the most effective promotions listed here, but nonetheless deserving of thought.

  • 32GB PNY – $11.99
  • 64GB PNY – $27.99
  • 128GB PNY – $39.99