Here are all the new features making their way to Battlefield 1 rental servers


Battlefield one developer DICE has outlined a several of the characteristics that it may possibly be adding to its Earth War I shooter’s rent-a-server feature in the close to foreseeable future. The developer outlined these characteristics in an official blog post. These characteristics assortment from a individual admin regulate panel that players can use to kick/ban players and kind VIP lists, among the other things.

The Kick/Ban tab will showcase a checklist of all the players tags at present on a server — from there you are going to be provided the selection to get your option of action from them. After a player is banned by the admin, they are put into a checklist of banned players, and you as the admin can choose to raise the ban every time.

The VIP checklist is basically a checklist of players who’ll be obtaining precedence every time there is a server queue because of to a stuffed server. 1 these instance that DICE supplied was if you run a clan and associates pitch in for the server charge, you can designate these associates as VIPs.

Here is a rundown of some of the new settings DICE is taking into consideration as perfectly for rent-a-server, with descriptions composed by DICE:

Squad Leader Spawn Only

  • A well known placing from preceding titles. We are looking to insert this in a foreseeable future update so server admins can set this on their server.

Behemoth On/Off toggle

  • A new placing for admins wherever they can transform off the Behemoth from spawning on their servers.

Complete Magazine Reload

  • A placing from preceding Hardcore variations. Admins will have access to transform it on or off on their servers.

Also in the website post, DICE outlined that it is taking into consideration redesigning the Battlefield one server browser. Suitable now, it is not carrying out approximately adequate to spotlight the rented servers, as DICE admitted.

In an exertion to handle this, we are looking into providing all rented servers precedence in the server browser. This implies that rented servers will constantly be displayed at the leading of the server browser.