Google’s famous colorful bikes are getting stolen and dumped in a local creek


Those people multi-coloured Google bikes could appear form of cool and funky becoming ridden about the Googleplex, but it’s a distinct tale when they close up in a creek covered in muck and bleaching in the sun.

The bikes are supposed to be for Googlers only. But since multitudes of them are generally remaining unlocked in and about Google’s headquarters campus, they’re often taken for a joy journey by holidaymakers – or pilfered by the sick-intentioned.

A person or more of the latter, it appears, has taken to disposing of stolen Google bikes in a neighborhood creek. Neighborhood inhabitants are decrying a new eyesore, with a single complaining that Google should really be doing a superior position at preventing the trouble.

Recently, each week has seen more Google bikes dumped into Stevens Creek in the North Whisman neighborhood of Mountain Look at, in accordance to a new report in the Mountain Look at Voice.

“Within a quarter-mile extend, there have been at least thirteen bikes down in the creek mattress,” the information internet site documented.

“Some have been covered in algae and sun-bleached, indicating they experienced been there for no quick amount of money of time.”

Aaron Grossman, executive director of the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail, went fishing for Google bikes in the creek on a current weekend, hauling out a half dozen of them.

“This is an annoyance and a real concern for us,” Grossman informed the Voice.

“Years back individuals utilised to toss industrial waste into the creek. Bikes by comparison are fairly delicate, but it’s nonetheless inappropriate.”

Grossman supports Google’s bike method, and claimed he hadn’t observed bikes in the creek until finally not too long ago.

The Voice claimed Google admitted more of its bikes have been becoming stolen this year, but the company would not present any numbers. A company bike-retrieval staff patrols the campus and encompassing spots each day, Google informed the Voice.

Neighborhood resident Steven Chandler, who reportedly has been urgent Google to do more about the dumped-bikes eyesore, took a dim watch of Google’s response and of the bike method itself.

“It just seems mistaken that we have anyone who is so rich that they have these throwaway bicycles,” Chandler informed the Voice.

“It feels like Google is as well large up to go down and pull their bikes up.”

Google officials are thinking about including GPS tracking products to the bikes, the Voice documented.

Wayward or dumped Google bikes can be documented to the company at or (650) 253-5353.


Photo: A week after he was detained in his Texas hometown for getting a selfmade clock to school, Ahmed Mohamed rides a Google bike at the Googleplex in Mountain Look at. (Photo courtesy of Google)


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