Gameface Labs – Worlds First Standalone VR Console?


Gameface Labs

Gameface Labs, heard of them? Probably not but they might stop up slipping off the tongue as easily as Occulus or SteamVR at the time available to the common public.

The enterprise, which initial begun in 2009 has a objective, which is pretty much entirely realised the initial standalone VR console.

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The system by itself is driven by Nvidia’s Tegra  SoC (technique on a chip). This component incorporates an ARM CPU, a graphics processor, Northbridge, Southbridge and memory controller in 1.

Lighthouse is a 3D spatial laser-monitoring technique originally designed by Valve mainly to clear up tricky difficulties bordering virtual truth positional monitoring. For an in-depth explanation on how Lighthouse is effective, head to the horse’s mouth:

Alan Yates – Architect of Lighthouse explains how

The video posted earlier mentioned is from 2015, certainly there have been a few changes because then, but this is how the Lighthouse know-how is effective as a foundation station system.

Gameface Labs are building this tech inside the headset immediately after partnering with Valve. In consequence it will be suitable with SteamVR as nicely as Android and Daydream.

The system makes use of material straight from the cloud. Fundamentally, the builders make the headset consider it has one hundred% of the material put in when the truth is one-five% this is what will make it possible for speedy downloads as nicely as an in depth analysis of all makes use of. For improvement purposes of course…


So, to sum up. Information is sent from the cloud but it is all domestically rendered. It does not will need a smartphone to use it and you do not will need to plug it in to anything to perform (besides battery). The headset will have 2 times the electric power of an Xbox 360 and will appear with a different battery pack. It will be cooled by answer but will not get as hot as other options: Smartphones warmth up incredibly immediately under major use, this benefits in dropped frames and doable movement sickness. The first prototype also experienced seven hrs of battery existence right before a recharge was wanted.

Gameface Labs wanted to have the system all set early 2017. Unnecessary to say it is not all set nevertheless but expect it soon. Rates will be close to five hundred$-600$

Will its release signify the stop of tethered VR and smartphone joined VR? 

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