First Ever Safety Check in U.S., Dating Website for Donald Trump’s Fans


Facebook’s Safety Check feature has been activated in the United States for the first time. The social network’s decision to employ the feature was motivated by Sunday’s deadly attack in Orlando, which claimed 49 lives and wounded other 53 people.

Facebook has previously activated the tool in France, Belgium, India, Pakistan and other countries that went through some kind of emergencies.

Facebook Safety Check
Image source: The Verge

Safety Check allows people living in an emergency area to inform their followers and friends on Facebook that they’re safe, unsafe or far away from the affected area. And all it takes is to just press a button.

“We hope the people in the area find the tool a helpful way to let their friends and family know they are okay,” the social network said in its statement.

The feature was first introduced by Facebook after brutal terrorist attacks in Paris, France, that took place last November and claimed 130 lives.

However, over the past months, Facebook has been criticized over why it didn’t turn on the feature during some emergencies that took place in different areas around the world.

Earlier in June, Facebook rolled out a new version of the feature that allows others to activate and notify their followers and friends with safety messages.

“Following the community-generated Safety Check activation this morning in Orlando, we have now activated Facebook-initiated Safety Check,” Facebook said in the statement. So it means that it were Facebook users who activated the Safety Check feature in Orlando on Sunday morning.

It means that this is the first Facebook’s Safety Check in the United States.

Let’s make dating great again! This is the goal of, the website that allows Donald Trump supporters to find their true love.

The website was created for people who want Republican nominee to become President of the United States in this year’s presidential election.

tru-2-1024x614 First Ever Safety Check in U.S., Dating Website for Donald Trump’s Fans

Donald Trump
Image source: Chris O’Meara/AP was launched in May this year and already has almost 7,000 users around the world, according to data provided by the website’s founder David Goss.

The website allows Trump’s followers to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s “Dating,” Like-Minded Friendship,” “Fun” or “Whatever.”

Users can also filter their search results based on physical features and lifestyle habits (active lifestyle, drinking, smoking, etc.).

The founder of the website said he was inspired to create the dating website for Trump’s supporters after he stumbled across, a dating website for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders’ supporters.

So Goss thought it would be a great idea to make a dating website for supporters of the real estate mogul. However, Goss revealed that he has never talked to Trump about the website and it’s unclear whether the presidential hopeful is aware about the website or not.

Also, according to Goss, he has heard numerous stories when people were rejected by their dates after revealing they are a Trump supporter. The founder also says that the website allows to protect Trump’s supporters from “getting hurt.”

“Once you meet someone who is a Trump supporter, you have a better change of having a lasting relationship [if you’re a supporter too],” Goss revealed his idea of perfect dating.

A teen polling app called Wishbone has recently revealed that 47% of Americans would never date someone who doesn’t share their political beliefs. Other polls have confirmed the figures.

In fact, MapleMatch was in the center of a big scandal in May when it offered Americans to look for their true love in Canada in case Trump becomes president later this year.

Goss also expressed its hope that this is only the beginning for his website, adding that they expect to build a bigger base than BernieSingles. “He’s not even in the race anymore. We have somebody who quite possibly — and will probably — win the race,” Goss said.

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