Elon Musk (sort of) unveils new mystery website X.com


Elon Musk is the tech world’s grasp of The Tease, a guy who takes a devilish joy out of dropping tantalizing hints about his most up-to-date products and solutions, no matter whether it is a new Tesla design, a photo voltaic panel, or a tunnel drilled beneath Los Angeles by his most up-to-date startup, The Uninteresting Organization.

He did it all over again now, this time with a tweet that he had formally released X.com, the domain Musk recently bought back again from PayPal after offering it to them two a long time ago.

But for now,  you’ll have to get the word “launched” with a grain of salt.

Click on the URL and it takes you straight to . . . nowhere: a very white and empty web site of the Environment Broad Net, other than for a little minor letter “x” up in the top-left corner.

Soon after that one:21 a.m. tweet, Musk quickly obtained into an entertaining back again-and-forth discussion with some of his followers about, amongst other things, his questionable coding competencies. (He acknowledged that he, himself, had developed that minor ”x’.’)

Finally, at least for the time staying, there is “no there there” with X.com. Musk, although, is inquiring everybody to be affected individual and he’s promised that extra specifics are forthcoming, probably even now. In the meantime, speculation swirls about what Musk has in mind for X.com, from tips that it has one thing to do with SpaceX, his spaceship organization, or the Tesla Product X, or probably even some kind of on the web payment know-how,

For now, Musk can relish the actuality that the domain name he reportedly compensated an eight-determine amount for is almost one of a kind. In 1993, ICANN, the corporation that functions as the world clearinghouse for web domain names, decided that single-letter domain names, like x, would no more time be out there to purchase or promote.  The six domains that had by now been purchased and have been then grandfathered in incorporated “q.com,”  “z.com,” “i.internet,” “q.internet,”  “x.org,” and, yup, ”x.com.”

Stay tuned.


Photo: Elon Musk in 2013. (Nhat V. Meyer/Mercury News archives)


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