Edge of Tomorrow 2 is a prequel AND will "revolutionize" how sequels are made


You know what is actually better than a sequel? A sequel that’s ALSO a prequel. If you can find any film that could get away with that concept it really is Edge of Tomorrow two. 

The initially film scored a significant win for sci-fi and motion followers. Even if Edge of Tomorrow failed to rather make the gazillion dollars Warner Bros. was hoping for, it gave us a Tom Cruise that obtained his ass kicked by Emily Blunt. And large aliens. And time travel.  

Speak of a sequel has been kicking about for a while, and now the movie’s obtained the official go-forward some intriguing particulars are starting to emerge. Director Doug Liman will return, for what could be a bit of a sci-fi gamechanger. “That is the only sequel that I’m thinking about carrying out,” he tells Collider, “and it’s since initially of all the tale is so amazing—much better than the first film, and I cherished and cherished the first film—and 2nd of all, it’s a sequel which is a prequel.” 

A sequel that’s a prequel? Typically I’d be a minimal hesitant to get energized about a pitch like that, but it fits well into the initially movie’s M.O. The endeavours of Cruise and Blunt thwart the alien threat, and almost everything wraps up in which the film originally started off. Acquiring a sequel-prequel can make sense, particularly if the 2nd outing begins at that issue, and splinters off somewhere else. 

“I’ve experienced some radical ideas about how to make a sequel that would interest me,” Liman adds, “in the very same way that I experienced ideas of how you make an independent film and then Swingers came along and it was like ‘Aha, which is the ideal film for me to take a look at these ideas out on.’” 

“I experienced these mental ideas on how you should make a sequel that are as opposed to how any one else can make a sequel, and this script and this concept suit perfectly into that concept. So it’s gonna revolutionize how individuals make sequels.” 

That is some seriously lofty communicate, and to be trustworthy, I’m truly intrigued by it. Bearing in mind how excellent the initially film is, and how efficiently it built use of motion and sci-fi elements, I’m optimistic about the stick to-up. 

Visuals: Warner Bros.