Discover what The Last of Us is doing when you're not looking


The Last of Us is a wonderful, meticulously-crafted piece of interactive enjoyment. Not a one object, camera angle, or NPC feels out of spot or unfinished. At minimum which is what developer Naughty Puppy wishes you to consider. But what transpires when the camera can fly all over the environment freely and see issues you happen to be not meant to see? Insanity! Movement-seize! Monkeys!

It really is all laid out for you to delight in in this episode of “Boundary Break.” Take pleasure in:

Y’know, I constantly puzzled in which all those giraffes went. And now I know: straight into a creating, in which they walked in spot for the relaxation of eternity.

But a great deal like the MLB The Exhibit seventeen glitch I shared with you previously these days, this is just a lot more proof that games are frequently pulling all way of visible tips to deceive you. Your prepare experience in Fallout, for instance, is just a funky helmet. When all those tips are pulled off, you get an immersive, unforgettable practical experience. When the glue keeping all those tips together breaks even though, you get spider-Ellie.

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