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Flixtape by Netflix is a new service by Netflix that enables you to create video mixtapes using Netflix’s video archive that you can play or share afterwards.

While you may add movies or television shows to your list on Netflix, it is more of an internal thing that you cannot share with others easily.

Flixtape has been designed with sharing in mind primarily. What I like about it is that anyone can use it to create Netflix playlists, and that you only need an account to watch those later on.

You may use the service to create a movie playlist for an evening with friends, your kids or loved ones, but may also share it on the Internet so that anyone may open it on Netflix and start watching what you are recommending.

Creating Netflix Playlists

The process of creating Netflix playlists is straightforward. Open the Flixtape homepage to get started. An intro plays automatically that informs you about Flixtape, but you may skip it at any time to get started.

Basically, what you do on the first page is decide whether you want to create your own playlist for Netflix, or check out some of the suggested playlists instead.

The Seasons Flixtape for instance is themed around Crhistmas, Holiday and other important events of the year.

While those may work for you, creating your own playlists is what Flixtape is all about. This works by selecting “make my own” on the startpage.

You are asked to enter a name for the playlist. If you cannot come up with a name click on the suggestions link to get inspirations for it.

flixtape-netflix Create Netflix Playlists with Flixtape

Netflix adds three suggestions to the playlist automatically. You may remove them if they don’t fit or if you need the space for others.

You may type the name — or part of the name — of a movie, or a genre in the search box at the top to display matching results.

The search is limited however. While it returns TV shows and movies, it seems limited to a selection only. Also, it does not seem possible to select specific episodes of a TV show for the playlist.

netflix-mixtape Create Netflix Playlists with Flixtape

Each item is displayed with its name in the interface afterwards. You may remove it again, or change its placement.

Once you are done adding titles, pick a cover for the playlist from one of the movie or TV show covers Netflix provides.

netflix-cover Create Netflix Playlists with Flixtape

Once done, select one of the available share options to spread the word. Flixtape supports Twitter and Facebook, and a plain link option.

Here is the Ghacks Flixtape that I created today.

All items of the playlist are listed when you open that link. A click on an item opens additional information about it, and a button to watch it on Netflix.

It is a bit unfortunate that the playlists don’t integrate with your Netflix account. They are links basically that point to specific movies or shows on Netflix.

watch-on-netflix Create Netflix Playlists with Flixtape

Closing Words

Flixtape by Netflix offers a quick way to create playlists for Netflix. While limited in several aspects, it may still be an interesting option for some Netflix users.


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