Court Rules in Favor of Petco in Case of Deadly Rat Bite Fever


Petco was not found guilty in the circumstance of the boy who died from rat bite fever

In June 2013, a ten-calendar year-aged boy from San Diego died because of rat bite fever brought on by a pet rat acquired from Petco. In February 2014, the boy’s relatives filed a lawsuit against Petco, seeking damages of $20 million. This week, the court docket decided in favor of Petco.

Deadly circumstance of rat bite fever for a ten-calendar year-aged

Just after the rat bit him, Aidan Pankey started going through acute abdomen ache. He was quickly transported to the nearest hospital, but the health professionals could not save him. They established that the boy was contaminated with streptobacillus moniliformis. Thus, they established that the induce of demise was rat bite fever.

Rat bite fever signifies the infection with this streptobacillus, which is transmitted via rodent bites. Just after an analysis of the boy’s pet rat, the health professionals found out that it was also contaminated with the streptobacillus.

Aidan’s grandmother, Sharon Pankey, was the one who acquired the rat for her grandson. Irrespective of the unpleasant determination of the jury, the female declared that she was glad they could make people conscious of the hazards of this ailment.

The court docket did not locate Petco accountable for the demise of the boy

A a lot more complete investigation found out that fifty p.c of the rats offered by Petco ended up contaminated with the bacteria, without the need of causing any other fatal conditions in people. On the other hand, the Pankey relatives attorneys argue that the retailer need to warn its buyers about the possible dangers of contracting the ailment.

On the other hand, the Petco attorneys disagree. They argue that the ailment is scarce, but treatable. About the many years, they have been promoting around five million rats, and their buyers reported only forty five conditions of rat bite fever. Furthermore, they can’t warranty for each and every single rat that it is free of the ailment.

Also, the Petco attorneys said that the retailer warned their buyers of the chance of getting contaminated. On the other hand, these dangers are not introduced verbally, when a person buys a pet rat. They are printed down and available to the buyers each time they acquire these types of a pet.

In truth, Petco buyers could choose to take a look at their rats for rat bite fever. This can help people prevent a lot of unpleasant circumstances, but Sharon Pankey was not conscious of this take a look at when she acquired the pet for her grandson.
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