Carbon Fiber Cooling Space Technology For Consumer Electronics


By: Nick Gambino

If you think about how a great deal processing power it usually takes to power a easy notebook or gaming console, you can imagine how a great deal it usually takes to launch a totally manned spacecraft entire with all the bells and whistles. It’s outside of nearly anything my tiny mind is able of grasping.

So if it usually takes a ton of processing power to get us into place think about this: what comes about when your telephone or even your desktop laptop or computer is consistently on and consistently processing? It gets incredibly hot doesn’t it? Simply because thermal administration for place apps is a crucial ingredient in generating certain place exploration can come about there is now a San Diego based organization making use of their thirty+ decades of aerospace engineering know-how to the less difficult but no a lot less crucial activity of retaining the ever growing related planet of electronics cooler and safer.

KULR Technology Company and its proprietary carbon fiber based thermal administration solutions retail outlet, conduct, and dissipate waste warmth generated by the workings of interior chips and other components. KULR’s technology has established to be much more effective than standard components utilised for cooling these types of as gels, pads, copper and aluminum.

If warmth is not effectively managed with a established workable alternative this can guide to degraded efficiency, dependability, and functionality. Not these types of a incredibly hot prospect when you think about the billions of dollars used on crucial place systems or storing reams of the world’s essential facts in the cloud.

KULR’s technology started off in the substantial efficiency aerospace field having labored with major place companies and businesses these types of as NASA, Boeing, Raytheon, JPL, and other people. You can discover their thermal administration solutions utilised in the Global Place Station, X-fifty one WaveRider, the Mars Rover, and Mercury Messenger. NASA and other place systems have grand strategies for exploring the large unfamiliar sectors of our and other galaxies. With NASA’s Curiosity at present on Mars and privately owned companies like SpaceX looking to get in on the action, thermal administration solutions are a will have to.

Now just because it will work outside the house of our atmosphere doesn’t signify this modern technology doesn’t have other apps. It can in good shape and get the job done in cell devices, cloud servers, VR platforms, drones, and nearly anything else that demands interior computing to do its task.

In addition to top-quality thermal conductivity, KULR’s systems are also lighter excess weight, require a lot less get hold of strain, and give larger layout versatility and durability in comparison to standard based solutions. These essential positive aspects will help put KULR in the one of a kind placement to give their solutions to the masses.

KULR Technology will be at the next seminars and expos around the coming months:

March 20-23, 2017 – Global Battery Seminar and Show, Fort Lauderdale, FL

April 24–27, 2017 — Spacecraft Thermal Command Workshop, Manhattan Beach, CA

May well 17-18, 2017 – Battery Power 2017, Dallas, TX

May well 23-twenty five, 2017– Place Tech Expo, Pasadena, CA

August nine-10, 2017 – Breakthroughs in Thermal Administration 2017, Denver, CO

You can discover out much more about KULR Technology at any one of individuals occasions or go to their internet site at


Nick Gambino is a frequent script writer and tech conquer reporter for NewsWatch. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.

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