Capcom looking into porting Resident Evil’s engine to Switch


The Match Creators Conference was a few months in the past in Japan and Nintendo and Capcom held a joint session about the Nintendo Switch. Now a new GamesIndustry Japan write-up has been posted that provides some comply with-up data on that panel and how the Nintendo Switch was produced.

Seemingly, Capcom asked Nintendo to boost the primary memory out there for the console. Nintendo initial introduced a determine that was in-line with components of the time, but Capcom argued that it would not be sufficient to operate something like the company’s new RE engine. Other developers chimed in on the memory ability of the Switch as well, so Nintendo experienced to strike a balance between extra memory and charge effectiveness when obtaining the console completely ready for launch.

A further tidbit from the write-up has unveiled that Capcom is on the lookout into porting their RE engine to Switch by optimizing it to work when in a reduced electricity condition. The activity has to be able to operate in equally docked and portable and when Capcom claims it will be a obstacle, they “would like to put in the exertion to realize it.”

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