Breath of the Wild player walks entire world row by row; this map is the result


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a large activity with an similarly large amount of points to obtain in its rolling hills and deep caves. But the most significant scavenger hunt is unquestionably the Korok Seeds. With 900 to obtain scattered all through the environment, a lot of of these who want to obtain just about every and every single one will switch to a Korok Seeds spot manual. Sort of like that one at that quite url.

But not Reddit person J-Ro.

J-Ro posted a map to r/Breath_of_the_Wild showing a trail of the path they took by way of Hyrule as they sought to learn every single Korok Seed without having consulting a manual. It can be supremely satisfying just to glance at, as effectively as impressive to believe about.

So how did they do it and maintain monitor? J-Ro says they would mark off a sq. place with stamps, then use a glowing pin to mark the to start with stroll north, travel to it, head east, then mark the close of the stroll south with a different glowing pin, stroll to that, and repeat. After a sq. experienced been filled in, J-Ro would transfer the stamps and start out in excess of.

J-Ro writes that the impression is truly built up of far more than one screenshot, stitched with each other in Photoshop to display the clearest strains. That reported, this is however from one playthrough, finished to 100%, in excess of the training course of far more than 360 hours. And even with this fashion of in search of out every single Korok Seed, J-Ro ended their journey 4 brief, and experienced to seek the advice of a manual to obtain the stragglers. So yeah. Nintendo hid these points actually effectively.

Bravo, J-Ro. That is some impressive do the job. For the rest of you… did I mention we can support you obtain every single Korok Seed?