Avoid Over-Charging with the Raboo Smart Charger


By: Nick Gambino

With the the latest challenges with Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone batteries (read: exploding batteries) smartphone consumers are extra informed than at any time of the possible for overheating electronics.

Overheating, trickle charging and, of training course, overcharging are a big concern when juicing up your electronic equipment. And let us be truthful right here, a very simple plug-in-the-wall charger with no minimize-off sensor isn’t incredibly good. In point, it is dumb.

With the new Raboo Smart Charger anyone has finally uncovered the proper relationship of “smart” and “charging.” This state-of-the-art charger is wanting to disrupt the battery charging field with their good charging feature.

As I claimed most chargers, especially the just one that comes with your Apple iphone or Samsung cellphone (yikes) are very simple plug-in-and-demand adaptors. There’s no intelligence in it. With a brilliant piece of technologies like a smartphone you’d assume a charger to match wits.

The Raboo Smart Charger essentially communicates with the machine it is charging by way of Bluetooth. It is quite very simple to use. Start out by downloading the accompanying Raboo app from possibly the Application Shop or Google Participate in.

As soon as you open up the app it will instantly connect to the charger by way of Bluetooth. At this position you have recognized communication in between your machine and the charger so you are all set to go.

To start with it charges your machine to a hundred% (of course). As soon as it reaches entire demand it stops flowing power, preventing your cellphone from overheating.

Your battery will then start out discharging as all batteries do but after it hits a default threshold, say 80%, it will start out charging yet again. This threshold is adjustable according to your dreams.

With this established-up you can leave your cellphone charging for several hours (like right away) without burning your fingers on a very hot cellphone when you go back to it. This ebb and stream charging permits you to prolong battery existence whilst also saving a little bit on your electricity bill.

Now this clever charger’s app offers you an perception into your battery patterns and endorses options to aid get the most out of your charging. Through different analytics and other information harvesting (do not be concerned it is stored very simple and non-technological) you can get a clear watch of how you must be charging your equipment.

In a world obsessed with IOT (Internet of Matters), the Raboo Smart Charger couldn’t be extra welcome.

They are at present running a Kickstarter campaign in buy to provide this much-needed solution to market. Head over to the kickstarter to pre-buy your Raboo Smart Charger today.


Nick Gambino is a common script writer and tech defeat reporter for NewsWatch. He life in Northern Virginia with his spouse and daughter.

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