Army chief, USA commander discuss Pakistan, Afghanistan border mechanism


The border closure resulted in a complete halt to all trading activities between Pakistan and Afghanistan with hundreds of trucks loaded with merchandise stranded on the main road connecting Peshawar with Torkham.

He said although the gate was needed by Pakistan to improve border management, it was also requested by the Iranians.

The border has been a source of argument off and on for years, and it’s not just the question of a few meters, but of nearly half of Pakistan, which Afghan officials argue is part of their country.

The continued existence of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan and its inability to take action against them affect the US-Pakistan bilateral ties, including security assistance, the Pentagon has said. Mr Aziz said it was announced earlier that authorities would implement the revised border laws starting from June 1 under which none possessing incomplete documents would be permitted in Pakistan.

The border was closed over similar clashes last month, but was reopened after an understanding was reached between the two countries.

According to the report, although al Qaeda’s core leadership in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region has been degraded, elements continue to seek safe haven on both sides of the border to regenerate and conduct attack planning.

He said Pakistan would construct gates with all required facilities on major seven entry and crossing points along the border with Afghanistan inside Pakistani territory. They said it will be in the favour of long-lasting peace in both the countries.

Pakistan today re-opened its Torkham border crossing with Afghanistan after closing it for about six days due to tension over construction of a gate, officials said.

In a press release, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) said that during the meeting, regional security issues and matters of mutual interest including border management mechanism along Pak-Afghanistan border were discussed.