Android N Will Have a New Feature Called Instant Apps


In order to truly utilise the capabilities of any smartphone, it is crucial to use the right apps. In fact, many people tend to think long and hard before installing and using an app. This is mainly due to the fact that smartphones have a limited memory which prevents the installation of unlimited apps. It is certainly a problem in Android as the platform has an incredible range of apps.

This is about to change with the introduction of Android N. At its annual I/O conference, Google has lifted the curtains on what it calls Instant Apps.

Android N
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What are Instant Apps?

Instant Apps work a lot like streaming videos except for the fact that they are actually streaming an app. The basic premise behind this feature is to allow people to use an app without downloading it all. Of course, it is just as remarkable as it sounds.

In other words, a person will be able to use an app and access its features even if that app is not present in that person’s device. This is due to the innate characteristics of the Instant Apps. These apps are by no means complete apps. Instead, they are simply tiny modules of an app. These modules will only handle small and specific tasks which the app can perform. For example, if people wanted to browse a Facebook page without using the Facebook app, they could use the instant app for it.

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Android Apps
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The Innumerable Benefits

It goes without saying but this feature can prove to be one of the most important developments in the Android platform. It would be possible to use more apps than the phone can store. Even better is the fact that those apps would neither have to be downloaded nor installed.

Moreover, these modules actually load quite fast. Therefore, there is very little waiting time involved. This would not have been possible if you had to download the app first. Google has also announced that it has plans to allow these Instant Apps to be cached in the device. As a result, those tiny apps would be able to load faster the next time the users require them.

What Is In It for the Developers?

Of course, it is important for the developers to build the Instant Apps first. Existing apps will have to be divided into a number of smaller modules. Each of those modules will be suited to a specific task. They will also have their own unique Internet addresses.

This will be made possible through the Google Play Services. The aim for the developers will be to use only the minimum required amount of code for each module so that it can be rapidly deployed over the internet.

This can be beneficial for developers too as it can completely negate the need for high rankings in the Play Store. After all, people can be more easily approached to use specific modules by sharing a link to them.

Android N has a lot going for it. However, it seems that Instant Apps might be the best feature yet. Instant Apps will be launched to the public later this year.

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