AMD Inadvertently Reveals Ryzen three 1300 & 1200 Information


If you were being spending shut awareness to this morning’s announcement of AMD’s new Ryzen Professional SKUs, then you possible seen something appealing: the non-X Professional chips all have the exact efficiency requirements as their normal consumer counterparts. Particularly, both of the non-X Professional SKUs with existing Ryzen 5 & seven counterparts have the exact main counts, clockspeeds, and TDPs. And for the closing two Ryzen Professional three SKUS? Well, AMD has inadvertently demonstrated their hand right here when it arrives to forthcoming Ryzen three.

With the launch of the Ryzen Professional three requirements, AMD has now verified what we have been suspecting for the Ryzen three requirements for a even though now. Ryzen three is a quad-main CPU without SMT, so we’re wanting at just four threads as an alternative of eight, albeit four threads without any of the useful resource contention SMT can sometimes result in. On which make any difference, it’s worthy of pointing out that AMD has previously previously commented that Ryzen three will use the exact die as Ryzen 5 and Ryzen seven, so we’re wanting at four cores dispersed more than two CCXs, like the Ryzen 5 1400 & 1500X.

AMD Ryzen 5 & three SKUs
XFR L3 TDP Cost Cooler
Ryzen 5 1600X six/twelve three.six/four. +100 16 MB ninety five W $249
Ryzen 5 1600 six/twelve three.two/three.six +100 16 MB sixty five W $219 Spire
Ryzen 5 1500X four/eight three.5/ +200 16 MB sixty five W $189 Spire
Ryzen 5 1400 four/eight three.two/three.four +50 eight MB sixty five W $169 Stealth
Ryzen three 1300* four/four three.5/ TBD eight MB sixty five W TBD
Ryzen three 1200* four/four three.1/three.four TBD eight MB sixty five W TBD

Likewise, AMD’s expose suggests that Ryzen three will have the exact cache framework as the least expensive-stop Ryzen 5, the 1400. That implies just 50 % of the chip’s total 16MB of L3 cache is enabled. However just about every main continue to retains its entire 512KB of L2 cache. Lastly, this inadvertent expose also confirms that TDPs for the least expensive-stop customers of the Ryzen loved ones will stick with the exact 65W TDP as all but the greatest-efficiency Ryzen chips.

Of training course, it ought to be mentioned right here that AMD’s accidental expose doesn’t suggest that the 1300 & 1200 will be the only Ryzen three chips we’ll see. Just like the Ryzen 5 and seven only had a couple of Professional counterparts, it’s possible that the story will be the exact for the Ryzen three collection. In unique, Ian suspects a Ryzen three 1300X will show up, but we shall see in owing time…