Amazon Rumored to Be Adding Touchscreen to Popular Echo


By: Nick Gambino

One more working day a further rumor but it appears this 1 has some validity to it. In accordance to Bloomberg the Amazon Echo is obtaining a welcome touchscreen addition in 2017.

This is an evident shift to edge out Google Home and anything Apple has up its sleeve trying to keep the well-liked Amazon Echo on leading.

Up till now the Echo has simply worked based off the audio of your voice which activates the digital assistant, Alexa. The touchscreen will supposedly evaluate about seven inches. “The latest Amazon speaker will be larger sized and tilt upwards so the display screen can be noticed when it sits on a counter and the consumer is standing,” mentioned 1 man or woman common with the job.

If created adequately this may perhaps establish to be a hit but if it becomes intrusive or bulky they may perhaps have some detractors. 1 of the interesting factors of the Echo is its simplicity of use and relative unintrusiveness (if that is a term).

Not only is the new voice-activated product obtaining a face-lift and included technological know-how but it appears they are also performing on increasing the speaker by itself. After all, if the bulk of the products is a speaker then you want to make sure it’s significant excellent.

1 of the unnamed sources states that significant-grade speakers would be released into the Echo building it audio a ton improved. They are also evidently screening a further new function which I do not know how I really feel about. The function will enable you to pin physical products to the skin of the Echo form of like magnets on a fridge.

Imagine of your Amazon product included in flimsy photographs. I do not know about that. I like the slickness of the design and style to be entrance and heart, not kludged up.

Amazon will not deep-6 their present line of Alexa-enabled devices like the Dot, Faucet and the non-display screen model of the Echo. They’ll preserve advertising people when the new product will be priced greater. As of now we’re referring to it as the Echo with a touchscreen but it may perhaps not even have the Echo moniker.

Evidently we can count on an official announcement from Amazon sometime in the 1st quarter of 2017.

In the meantime, I’m heading to invest my time observing this video clip of the Amazon Echo and Google Home talking to every other on an infinite loop.


Nick Gambino is a regular script writer and tech conquer reporter for NewsWatch. He life in Northern Virginia with his wife and daughter.

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