5 features the No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update adds that really do change the game


It really is been around a yr considering that Hi Games’ space exploration video game was produced, but the new No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update introduces a ton of new characteristics that genuinely does transform the video game. 

The update was teased earlier this 7 days but has now landed on both equally PS4 and Personal computer and arrives comprehensive with a huge changelist total of characteristics ranging from around thirty hours of new tale content, joint exploration and portal photographs. 

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A brand name new tale and fresh faces

(Picture: © Hi Game titles)

The No Man’s Sky Atlas Rises update provides with it a whopping thirty hours of brand name new tale content where by you are going to be in a position to interact with what Hi Game titles phone calls “a mysterious new interdimensional race.” 

New lore and interactions have been added much too, fleshing out the truth of the matter driving the first mysteries like the Abandoned Setting up logs, the Entire world of Glass, the Sentinels, the Redemption of the Gek and the which means of sixteen.

Portals to get you back again to beforehand explored planets

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(Picture: © Hi Game titles)

Keep in mind that world you earmarked as “New Earth” way back again when No Man’s Sky initial came out? Nicely now you could possibly really go back again there and make a dwelling due to the fact Atlas Rises now has snazzy portals to enable you zip all close to the cosmos. 

Historic Portals will be activated by unlocking their language making use of mysterious glyphs and then use a distinct blend of them to leap to a set world. You can also use them to revisit former planets, other bases or just randomly skip to a new planet. 

It sounds rather darn challenging, but we are going to report back again when we have examined the new element to enable you know. 

Take a look at with your fellow travellers… at very last!

No Man’s Sky is rather damn massive, but now – with any luck , – it will feel a minimal smaller due to the fact you have now bought accessibility to your mates in space. 

If you spot strange floating orbs on a world (like the types over) they are really other gamers. Up to sixteen gamers can see and communicate with each and every other as they explore the mysterious. 

Hi Game titles is fast to worry that interaction is “at the moment very limited”, even though you can use VOIP chat to communicated with nearby explorers. 

“This is an important initial move into the planet of synchronous co-op in No Man’s Sky,” reads the official submit.

A new way to verify out the neighborhood wildlife

65bEUXi6nbDxEenGV8txVH-320-80 5 features the No Man's Sky Atlas Rises update adds that really do change the game

(Picture: © Hi Game titles)

Your snazzy visor that you use to scan and tag the several flora, fauna and aliens in No Man’s Sky has had rather the improve. It really is been re-calibrated to give you extra details and better benefits for scanning every little thing you see. 

You’ll be in a position to analyse methods before you start hacking away to gain option methods from mining much too. Evidently there are extra upgrades to be equipped as very well to increase it and experience even extra benefits.

It pays to be a nosy parker in No Man’s Sky.

Establish new planet bits

If you assume a world is just lacking a minimal somethin’, you can now basically completely transform the floor beneath your toes to mould the terrain as you see healthy. It really is the feng shui of world terraforming.

Make your base feel like part of the world making use of materials, styles and measurements of all kinds and feel like God at the touch of a button.

For the total in depth patch notes, verify out the long, long record on the No Man’s Sky website.