10 best flip phones of all time


Currently, smartphone style and design is a fairly dull affair. Legions of monolithic, identikit black slabs populate our pockets and any semblance of innovation has generally died. It was not normally this way.

Substantially as the struggle for desktop right now focuses on the form of future pcs, so much too did cellular style and design in the late nineties and all through the noughties. Dozens of weirdo handsets made it to marketplace with oddball appears to be like, some flourishing, many others vanishing without a trace.

Of these daring patterns, the flip cell phone was among the most enduring, and absolutely evokes nostalgia among a specified portion of the inhabitants. From Nokia to Motorola, Samsung to Sony Ericsson, each and every company contributed classics that set the bar for design, comfort and ease and class.

And let’s not overlook, flip telephones furnished us with the most satisfying way to close a get in touch with, at any time. Slamming your clamshell shut was not just straightforward, it also looked damn amazing.

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The flip cell phone may possibly now be a little something of the previous, held onto by die-hards hoping for some impossible tech-opalypse that sets the globe back again a 10 years, but it life on in the hearts of the cellular-minded.

Below are ten of the very best at any time to grace the marketplace:

Motorola StarTac

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Launched: 1996

The first, the progenitor, the alpha and the omega of flip-telephones the Motorola StarTac was actually the starting of a cellular revolution.

‘Mobile’ telephones of the previous, clunkers utilized as vehicle-telephones due to their dimensions and weight, gave way to this, a palmable refinement to a style and design formula commenced with the MicroTac 8 a long time before.

In truth, the general public seemed to agree, with the system shifting about 60 million models through its lifespan. It experienced a big battery, a captivating community sign LED and could vibrate as alerts arrived, alongside with a style and design that was impossible not to really like.

Sanyo SCP-5300

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Launched: 2002

It was in Japan, as with many ridiculous traits, that the concept of the digital camera-cell phone first surfaced. DSLRs have been only actually starting to hit the mainstream, and the general public still experienced an infatuation with movie.

With the release of the Sanyo SCP-5300, the first digital camera-cell phone to be launched in the US, things commenced to adjust, as benefit overtook thought.

Below was a digital camera that could be carried at all instances, placing the electric power of a .three MP sensor in the arms of the masses. Even though picture quality was weak, a effective concept experienced been planted, and flip-telephones ongoing to direct the charge.

Motorola V300

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Launched: 2003

It might appear to be obvious to say, but not every single seismic adjust in cellular takes place at the higher-close of the marketplace. Whilst the very best digital camera quality, style and design, audio efficiency, show resolution and more is reserved for leading of the line equipment, it is the low-close equipment marketed in their tens of millions that offer the revenue needed to keep on this investment decision.

The Motorola V300 sequence is a key example of this. Very first launched in 2003, it was 1 of the equipment of selection for a general public just waking up to the concept of textual content messaging and more, marketing by the truckload and inspiring a sequence of designs that would keep on for many a long time.

Nokia 7200

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Launched: 2003

It was in the first 50 percent of the 2000’s that the general public actually commenced to get started acquiring cellular telephones en masse. To counter this new demand, a sea of equipment was launched by different brands. To stand higher than, a little something particular was normally expected.

And none did ‘special’ superior than Nokia, and the 7200 is a best illustration of this. Sporting a remarkably strange, textured style and design using several diverse types of cloth all through, the 7200 felt like no other system at the time (or considering the fact that).

It was an oddball, but a actually unforgettable vintage however.

Motorola Razr V3

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Launched: 2004

For many folks the globe about, when contemplating of flip-telephones it is Motorola’s Razr sequence that springs to brain. Some of the very best-marketing handsets at any time, these slick, attractive pieces proved that telephones could be top quality as very well as cozy.

The V3 was the epitome of the selection, marketing more than 130 million models, ranking in the leading ten most productive telephones at any time launched, even to this working day.

Released in late 2004, it sported a slim aluminum entire body that straight away set it aside from the levels of competition, alongside with a keypad made from a single sheet of metal. It was arguably the first cell phone to fuse tech with style, resulting in an iconic handset that was extremely elegant.

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Motorola Pebl U6

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Launched: 2005

The latest pattern for our telephones is to get increasingly more substantial, but the specific reverse was accurate in the noughties. Miniaturisation was still the incredibly hot tech of the moment, and packing the exact same components into at any time tighter areas was considered a hallmark of terrific style and design get the job done.

The Pebl U6, boasting a lovely hinge and pebble-smooth exterior, was about taking this philosophy and adding comfort and ease, aiming for a all-natural appear and truly feel.

This idea evidently caught the consideration of the general public, with the handset marketing in the tens of millions, displaying that results lies as a great deal in little facts as it does in grand sweeps.

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Sony Ericsson Z520

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Launched: 2005

If there is 1 viewers that entrepreneurs really like to court docket but hardly ever actually ‘get’, it truly is the youth. With the Z520, Sony arrived fairly near to accomplishing that lofty purpose.

Released in 2005, it was the first quad-band system created by the enterprise (authentic “kidz” [spelled with a ‘z’ for included ‘freshness’] in all those days could not get enough of good get in touch with reception), sporting swappable front plates in a wide variety of diverse colors.

With a .3MP VGA digital camera, and a secondary show on the front, it proved to be a popular, and elegant accent for achingly stylish young things to result in acute envy among their socio-financial inferiors.

Nokia N93

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Lanched: 2006

Nokia was once the greatest cell phone company in the globe. And for good reason, as many of the equipment it created pushed at the limits of what was technically probable at the time, and the N93 was an fantastic example of this.

In 2006, this was THE very best digital camera-cell phone on the marketplace, combining a three.2MP sensor and a Carl Zeiss lens to terrific influence.

It also boasted a unique swivel style and design, and superior online video recording abilities. Even though it might not have been a beauty, it was absolutely a capable beast.

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Sony Ericsson W508

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Launched: 2009

Released in 2009, this was a handset that epitomised the assurance of Sony Ericsson as a brand. Making use of the significant “Walkman” moniker, this was characterised as a handset for the masses that however contained a handful of top quality features.

Boasting a roomy 100MB (expandable to 16GB with a M2 card) of inner memory, it sported physical songs controls on the outside, a comparatively superior 3MP digital camera for the price tag, head-turning style and design and more.

At a time when smartphones have been starting to just take maintain, this proved that flip-telephones still experienced what it took to compete at the higher-close, and for a a great deal reduced price tag-position.

Blackberry 9760 Oxford/Design

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Launched: 2010

Blackberry (then called RIM), has hardly ever been recognized for its flip telephones. Judging by this specific entry, that is a little something of a crime.

Released in 2010, the 9760 Oxford/Design was an training in amazing sophistication, exuding class and polish by the proverbial bucket-load.

In a vintage Blackberry move, it was also the first flip cell phone created by the enterprise that showcased a comprehensive QWERTY keyboard, creating it a solid proposition for productivity junkies who failed to want to settle for an a little something useful but unsightly.

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